Overthinking-is it due to fapping

Hello my friends …I want to clear my doubts from your experiences.i overthink ,that also too much and I am sick of it…it causes negative impacts and unables me to fully enjoy my life.I want to ask you all that does master****** causes this overthinking and I also want to know that if you also once had this problem how you overcome it… Thanks

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Someone here with overthinking problem

Hey man,

I used to overthink a lot. Still doing that sometimes, but it got way better.

The reasons for overthinking are always super personal, so I coild never analyse what your reasons are.
I don’t think however that it is directly linked to fapping, nor to watching porn. If you are prone to overthinking already though, it might get a bit worse when you are addicted. Especially linked with the shame and the hiding part - I remember that I was always overthinking about what other might think about me and my behaviour and what impression I made on other people. Not because it was important to me to make a good impression only, but also because I was afraid that someone might find out about what I was hiding by my behaviour.

So, I think it won’t get better just from not fapping. But it might get better when you are actively working on the things that make you watch porn and stay addicted, and you stay off for a while, it might get easier to work on not overthinking as well! :slight_smile:


Yes bro I can really relate to that :sob: …I also had same topic for years that what impression do I make etc …but nowadays I overthink about anything though after nofap I can feel it decreasing gradually … I try to keep myself busy.

Can you tell me what else you did to overcome it

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I’m here keeping myself accountable so that I don’t give my mind an opportunity to relapse. I overthink too but it troubles you till you come to decision once the decision is taken firmly overthinking subsides this is my experience from today I decided that I will keep myself accountable and now I’m not thinking too much of it although it is too early to say this but anyway


Hello. I had trouble with overthinking and sometimes I still have. But for me it is the opposite, it helps me to not relapse, because it keeps my mind busy…

Actually, this adiction makes me to overthink things less, but since I do not solve those things in myself with overthinking, I am unhappy, not in peace, hollow, unsolved… something is missing.
And only when I stop for a while and think about where am I going in my life, what are my values and if I live in harmony with them, when I overthink and go deep into myself… It motivates me to change acording to those values and get out of this adiction. When you live acording to your true values, then you are happy. And if not, change the values.

So I would say embrace the overthinking, get deep into yourself, try solve your inner motives.

What you think is your weakness, will become your strenght.

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@Feenax Yeah…things that really matter in your life need your attention and thinking…and therefore you have to make peace with overthinking and it’s really important for you to have control over your mind and not the other way around.

Thanks guys your knowledge and experience will help me and I will use this into my life…thanks


@getbackclean I agree… and @pingpong1, I lost overthinking about what other people think about me by spending time with people more than what was comfortable and speaking my worries to them openly. They understood and the overthinking about it faded after few months. (I was anxious to write or eat before people, walk straight, could not look people in the eyes, and I had to have something in my hands to cling on. Thankfully it is ok now :slightly_smiling_face:)

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If you go to my diary, you’ll see that I was overthinking about this girl. I was worried about how she would think of me and what she thought of me. This caused me to overthink and not be in the present moment.