Overcoming a sudden urge

So I’ll be going strong on this whole NoFap thing right? Then I’ll just a sudden urge to and I’ll just end up doing it. Its like a turn from a regular guy into an animal with no control and feel nothing but shame after. Any advice?

Your brain plays really good tricks to force you into relapsing. “No one will get hurt” “just one time” “I always can start a new streak” etc and that’s ALL bullsh*t and simply part of the addiction. When you get strong urges, leave the house and run as fast as you can. This clears up your head and makes you detect those dirty tricks more easily next time.


Just close your eyes and let all triggering thoughts come into your head.
Just observe them. Watch them absorbed by your brain as your semen energy Rises up.
Do this excercise for first 21 days.

Most important Dont watch anything erotic on TV or smartphone.


BINGO! That’s what I’m doing nowadays! :smiley:
Also sometimes, just strolling around house, basically leaving the seat or bed-diverting my attention away- looking outside my balcony
or watching some tutorials related to study & personality development, noting down my tasks and goals

Do at least 100 push ups. Like proper ones with proper form. Make sure you feel the pain of doing them. Make each one count and dont just try to hurry. I usually do 4 sets of 25, or 50, 25, 25.

If you did it properly, you should be sweating and heavy breathing at least. This will help get rid of any urges and make you feel motivated and pumped up.

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How to do it properly?

My opinion is that you cannot kill an urge by focusing on not relapsing. That is if you keep thinking " I will not relapse," eventually you will. I read somewhere that you have to starve the urge, that is, just ignore it. Do something that will fill up your mind and get you to forget about it. I use studies as they help me focus completely on something else than urges. Eventually, urges go away. They are only shortlive. Good luck and stay strong.

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Thanks man that’s a new concept I’m gonna try it