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Hello I am Armaan an anime fan, I am from India Age 15 study in Cambridge School Greater Noida

So, Today very bad thing happened I was in living room and my mom said someone is going to come home. I said ok then door bell rang and I then fastly go and open the door, and then I greet him by touching his feet (in India it’s a tradition to touch feet to greet) and then my mom looked me at a angry look and then I got to know that he wanted to give something to us and it was a parcel that was came from office and he was the staff of office only and had a job of delivering things and when he was gone my mom scolded me so much as she was saying that he was a lower caste person and I should not greet him and then I was in sadness why. All people on earth are same and the caste are made by us so why can’t I greet someone lower caste pls give your suggestions. I am Wrong or Right :bangbang:


You are right to greet the person. Your behaviour is ideal. But there are many social norms, which have been running for ages. And people accept them without giving a second thought. Don’t be sad. You are not among them.

People have been doing what they are taught, which might not be right.

Some years ago, Sati system was accepted in society, and mostly in high caste community. But now it’s gone. Similarly there was a time when people took bath even if the shadow of untouchable get them. Moreover devdasi system was also prevalent. Most of them have vanished, and whatever is there will vanish soon.

You are ages ahead for your age. Feel proud of it. There is no fault of your mom either. This is what she have been seeing others doing from her childhood and so she thinks it is the norm of society.

Be happy, you are the future!!



Thanks For Your Opinion :smiley: @JumpingBuddha


I have a slightly different opinion from @JumpingBuddha ,
When you touch someone’s feet you are giving them your all respect they deserve, like your Parents and Teachers.
By touching feets of random people , You are downgrading the Value of parent’s and teacher’s efforts in your life. From teachers , I didn’t meant only school teachers but one who teach you a lesson. May be a begger can teach you a lesson.
Ofcourse just because someone is of lower caste , this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. Nameste with hand fold will definitely work next time.

Tbh , I won’t touch the feet of Mukesh Ambani just because he is rich.

Objection is always accepted. :slight_smile:


thanks @the_shivam for your opinion too :relaxed:

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Another perspective. Makes lot of sense.


You will go far in your life kid.


You have a kind heart bro :blush:


Thank you everyone :blush: @raushan @Angryvolcan and @Arg33