Our journey to Reboot

I can share some advice based on my experience. Useful especially if you try hard mode.
Have you been using SPIN Browser? Some people say that is the safest browser for people addicted to porn, because it blocks many dangerous sites.

If your urges are strong and you are at the begining of your reboot, don’t try to use it.
Yes, this browser is great. It limits the number of temptations and factors after seeing which you will aweken your addiction.
Yes, it is a good protection against pictures, movies, games etc. containing nudity.

But there are ways to bypass it - e.x. using SPIN you can download other browsers (assuming you blocked access to app store on your phone).

I tried it. If it weren’t for my different blockades on my phone, I would kill my streak.
For someone like me, hard-mode is an only option - but SPIN can ruin it. So it is better to cut out your access to the Internet on the phone. At least until you will be rebooted.

That’s all. Hope it helps someone. Fight with all your might, folks!

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Urges were so strong that I watched P and almost touched myself inappropriately. Came back to my senses at the last second due to a notification from the Bible app. That was a close call.
I didn’t O nor did I M, but I still watched P. Sigh

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Never ever use your bed for anything other than sleeping!
And never stay alone in your home for far too long.

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I relapsed again due to blue balls:-|:-\

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Aw, man. That’s a pitty. But don’t blame yourself. I believe in you, you can be cured by God’s grace and your hard work on it.

Even thoug you relapsed, don’t watch porn now. There is always the thought that: "I relapsed so why shouldn’t I watch some porn? Its a trap. I was there so many times…

God bless you, Brother.


Thank you. God bless you too.

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Yup i agree with pendragon… relapsing doesn’t really mean the biological/psychological counter is restarted from 0 unless you go back to fapping again… yes for the sake of being truthful to yourself you should restart it on the app …but trust me changes has occured to your brain and you’ve quite healed …just don’t go for a full comeback …it’s gonna reinforce the behavior…and beware after relapsing once the urges get so hard on the following days try to be hard on yourself on the first days .it will get easier eventually


I frigging regret relapsing. No words can describe the feeling.
One thing for sure though I will NEVER EVER watch P. Never. Period.

The last time I relapsed was because I watched p a few times ( no fapping ) and my balls swelled up. It felt so uncomfortable and painful that I had hard time walking. And I relapsed.
I had my urges under control or so I thought. Everything was just an illusion. The PMO still had its filthy claws on me.

I have taken an oath that I will never watch P.
Duck it. It’s not like I would die if I won’t watch it.

Every morning and night I will re enforce that thought, whether by meditation or by constantly chanting it.
I will brainwash myself if thats what I need to do. I will go to any length necessary.

Every thing was going so smoothly and I had to relapse and ducking ruin it.

This is it. Now or never. The moment I watch p is the moment I quit life itself. I had enough.


How do you feel today guys ? For me i’m in a certain mood lift. I’m quite socializing with people. Unlike yesterday which was very hard.I felt so bad and my brain was so foggy it got me to only try to survive. Because i somehow knew the following day will be a better day … Unlike being on pmo where you always feel numb , abstaining gets you ups and downs … ups are the rewards of abstaining … the problem is surviving long enough to defeat the coping mechanism for the downs which is pmoing … and keep in mind that you could always keep on masturbating but this way you’ll never benefit from the great feeling of an anxiety free day


Great to see all of you active ! For me it’s hard these days, after the relapse on my 17th day on streak, I felt in that ‘‘fuck it already relapsed’’ trap. Also with that upsurge of sexual energy and testosterone and the summer here I have hard time keeping my eyes to myself in public when there are women around. But I restarted yoga and medition and getting back into sexual energy transmutation practices… The femimine ‘‘beautifulness’’ is really something I have the most hard time putting aside from my awareness. I really have to find a way to deal with that aspect of nature… I know its a question of balance, you cant just ignore it, nor letting yourself mastered by it. Anyway, it’s really tricky. How you guys are managing that?


Francinabe im experiencing the same shit bro: the female body makes my pants tight …i can’t help it but i keep fantasizing when i see a good ass… i just go insane about it in my brain… now i’m frustrated in internship , the supervisor doesn’t give me time ,as it has been two weeks and i still don’t have a subject to work on … help me guys please before i relapse again…

Protect two things: what you see, and what you think. This is where strong urges originate and the relapses we’ve experienced in the past.

As men, we are visually stimulated, and summer time is a real battle for us. Women reveal more of their private beauty, but we can’t blame them, they don’t know how they’re affecting us. All we can do is control ourselves. One second glance is the rule, and never on purpose. Two seconds and your brain has already started generating dopamine again and leading you down a road we all know too well.

It won’t be easy to stick to this at first, but keep it up and you’ll see results. You’ll start turning away within 5 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. Soon you’ll start noticing when other men around you are turning to look and feel empowered that you’re not a servant of your bodily urges. When those men turn to look, you look in the other direction.

But do not deny yourself. You are still a man. You were created to find women beautiful. Acknowledge this, but also remind yourself that every single man on the planet experiences temptation as well to varying degrees. You always have a choice of where to look and what thoughts you allow to remain in your mind. Remember your vision of a better life and what you are fighting for. You are the hero in your own movie. Does the hero spend time fantasizing about P he has seen in the past or women he’s met on the street? Of course not.

You do this, and you’ll find that your urges are greatly reduced in intensity, and you can easily speak to them and say, 'I choose a better life for myself. I thought I liked PMO in the past, but it never brought me joy, love or success. I will achieve many benefits and accomplish my goals in life because I’m a new man on my ultimate streak."

GOD bless you in your journey.


Day 6 and my flatline started. (●__●)
Feeling awful and suicidal.

Remind yourself that flatlines are temporary. The discomfort, no matter how terrible, will pass. You may experience a few flatlines in your journey as the brain readjusts, but a much greater and happier mood is on the other side.


How do you kill your urges ?
I usually go outside or take showers but there are instances where these are not possible, (usually because I’m plain lazy).
Can you please help me out ?

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Urges are thoughts, and you are in control of your thoughts. Every human being has urges and temptations; these are a natural part of life. It is our actions that determine our character and how we choose to react to those urges.

Make the decision to not allow any lustful thoughts to remain in your mind. The brain will cause random arousal, flash a memory of P or point out a woman in the street or or online and cause urges to come. Do not allow these thoughts to linger. These thoughts activate your brain’s reward circuitry and begin producing dopamine. The brain knows the biggest source of dopamine you have known in the past is PMO, and it starts pressuring you to relapse the more you allow these thoughts and fantasies to remain.

Instead, acknowledge these thoughts and take responsibility for the urge; 'I want to stare at that woman with lust. or ’ I want to watch P and M. This simple statement gives you power and stops the urge from growing larger, because our tendency in the past has always been to deny the urge’s existence, until it grows too large to ignore and we feel we must relapse to remove the pressure.

Then, accept that this temptation is normal. It is not bad to be tempted to PMO, it is the action that counts. A recovered alcoholic who has been sober for 20 years and is tempted to drink has done nothing wrong; it is only wrong if she grabs the bottle and takes a drink.

Then, make your decision. "I choose a life of freedom, receiving genuine benefits, living a life full of love, joy, confidence, strength and self-control.

This process takes less than 2 minutes to get rid of the urges for you. Your brain cannot focus on urges and your vision of a positive life at the same time. It helps if you memorize a list of the top 5 reasons why you want to stop PMO, and reflect on them for a few seconds.

You’ll notice that this short process can be done anywhere at anytime, and it takes much less time than a walk or a cold shower, with stronger results. It takes very little willpower too, only the decision to act in the moment and not be afraid of the urges. Every relapse is a choice, no matter how hard it is to accept that. We can always choose to do better. Once you can consistently make choices in your best interests, you are on your way to a life of freedom.


Thank you brother.
I will acknowledge the urges and take responsibility for it. I decided to reset my counter even if I were to take a glance at P. Impure thoughts are not acceptable either.

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You’re welcome brother.

You’re absolutely right, there can be no peeking at P during our streak. That one glance of curiosity will keep haunting someone until they eventually relapse. The successful people are those who don’t even begin to type the filthy words into the search engine.

Stay strong and GOD bless you on your journey.

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God bless you too brother.

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That how I relapsed last time. I was searching for a video of the TV show I watch and their was a porn named the same thing. I clicked on it and I relapsed shortly after.