Our journey to Reboot

Sorry I couldn’t get back to to you. Forum was inaccessible from the app.
Relapsed 7 days ago. Going strong now. I don’t know why but I now have an insane confidence that I won’t relapse again. It’s like I got super powers.
I didn’t actively seek out porn but I was exposed to provocative stuff a while back ( 3 to 4 days ago ). Even though the urges were strong and recurring I didn’t give in. Not even for a bit. I did not even touch my D. This happened many times that day. And the denials have hardened my willpower.

That day was the day when something fundamental changed inside me.

Now when I see naked or dirty pics I don’t get excited mentally, though physically I get hard. I accept it as it is. Just pics of human body. I don’t fantasize about it.
I had plenty of time to fap multiple times, yet I just didn’t and don’t find the need to jerk off. Sure, I get blue balls, awkward erections, hot balls & D that feel like its going to burst etc; every now and then. But I can get past all that with knowing that it’s normal and completely harmless. Just give it some time, & they will all revert back to normal.

6 and a half days done. Just 14 days more for complete rewiring.

I’m now going through flatline period. Everythings messed up. I’m very demotivated. I get mood swings. But I know that its my body acting up and that once I get past this phase I’m all set for the future.

12+ years of addiction and I finally feel like I can do this.

One thing that helped me get past the first 4 days was the counter of other guys who had completed a minimum of 40 days. Always follow people with most days of no fap. Sort them in descending order of days in ‘my companions’ tab. Every time you get the urge, check their counter. Let that be your inspiration. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Follow this guy.
@rrks43 ( this dude has 350 days on his counter !!) He has been a huge inspiration to me. Every time I see his counter its like cold water poured over my head. Urges are instantly gone.

Start anew my friend. Let the past be past. Grasp the present. Never give up or give in. Its never worth it.

Below are some quotes that might motivate you.

“Porn is like salty water. No matter how much you drink from it, it will never quench your thirst. On the contrary, it will increase it.”

“For seconds of pleasure, you are planting days of guilt and shame”

“What feels worse? A slightly uncomfortable urge that can be taken care of by going for a walk, or the feeling of shame that only time can heal?”

“If you do and relapse you’ll be again at the level you were days AGO, when you were begging for the day you are NOW”

“Every time you relapse, you reinforce the idea that this isn’t important enough for your full dedication”

“Whenever you feel like giving up, think of why you started”

“No matter what happened yesterday, what matter is what you gonna do about it. Giving up is not even a choice. Be strong”

Stay strong brother :muscle:.


Thanks bro. Glad to see you’re progessing. I’m pretty confident that in my next testosterone peak I’ll be stronger, I will use more cold shower and meditation. My battle is there right now, dealing with the upsurge of testosterone, and bringing back my sadhana.


I almost gave in today. :pensive: Had to hurt myself physically to hold on. 12+ years of PMO have seriously frigged my life and my brain. I feel so sick man. This was not a good victory.

Masterbate, then feel tired, guilty, sick, worthless, sinful, etc
I’m tired of feeling all that. I had enough of that shit. Once I give in to the urges, it’s going to be a never ending cycle of relapses.
You can never gratify PMO. Never.

So don’t you ever give in!!!


@Francinabe how’s your day going so far man?

Hi people i’m new to this app i hope i can achieve my goals its been 5 days of no fap it’s my third ever attempt.i hope its the one


Welcome brother.
We will be here for you if you need someone to talk to or if you get urges. Lets defeat this evil together.

Here’s my code vvmh9j
Francinabe’s code zni7pn
ReNeGaDE 's code ij36fi
AlphaBeast1 's Code t8ne81
Aragorn’s code z12r5l

People with 3 digit days on the counter

lahwf1997 's code 026b59 (446 days!!)
krishvamsi 's code 488n2z (353 days)
Ankitk 's code ld58kw (284days)
rrks43 's code 833dec (354 days)
Follow these guys.
Sorry for posting your code without your permission.


Welcome brother.

I wish you all the best


Thank you for this warm welcome… we’ll help each other for sure i’m currently cutting off weed from my life too
Here’s my code okeh2s


Great make yourself a great life ahead free of all these addictions

You can follow me via my sharing code: z12r5l


Omg im so bad with the forum… Haha 2 days later… Im fine, but when the urges hit, they hit hard, my gf is on a trip so im alone with my demons, its a good test…

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Welcome man, its a good move man, the longest streak i had was when I cut weed as well. Its a little dull for the brain at first cause dopamine is low but you just have to give it some time

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Today I want to make a confidence guys. You know how with time our addiction tend to always make us watch more extreme content in order for our brain to get the same high level of dopamine, and there is adrenaline also involve that just reinforce the pattern. Well in my case, I haven’t got into hardcore porn, but instead at one point I felt on underage stuff, not child stuff, but clearly not 18. I was shocked and disgusted at first but I guess the adrenaline got in the mix so after a while I started looking for these content. Its been a few years like that until the point its practicly the only stuff I was seeking. It really fucks up your head, because there is all the moral side and the fact I would never touch someone under the age on consent, but still, my brain (and other body part…) is squirting on those images. I guess its even crazier because I work in an high school as a counsellor, but it doesn’t effect my professionnal integrity, I’m not tempted at all to intitiate stuff with younger girls which reasure me. Now I make the distinction between the addiction and my true self and I know I’m not a monster, that shit is just a creepy software installed on a hardware, unfortunately, it’s not just as easy as pressing the uninstall button…
Anyway I don’t know why I had to tell that, I guess its part of the process to open about it, to take a step out of it…
Have a good day.


Thank you so much for this, I had a similar morphing of my tastes too and it was actually part of the wake up call that lead me to stop PMO because my human side could not believe some of the stuff that I was seeking out for my next hit.

I feel so dirty, ashamed and inhuman thinking of it and I can’t talk about it to anyone irl so I am truly thankful for this community, all of you are amazing.


All good people around here i hope you all get once in your lifetime at least to the 90 days bar … it’s personally my dream and my goal … i wanna see what it feels like to be a child again … cause all our puberty and adulthood was around beating our meat .Getting off to all sorts of immoral shit ,we’ve all experienced what it is like… wanting more and more without doing much that’s how capricious our brain became … i really want to stop this …this and weed … add me : okeh2s


I dreamed of fapping to porn and I’m so thankful that it was just a dream. It also fortified my resolve.


Today is hell hard … i feel so down , i woke up on the wrong side of the bed … i can’t focus and can’t really apreciate talking to people … i was wondefing if this is gonnan happen all the time through the process or does it stop at a certain milestone?



Haha, I saw it too. Unlike nejihyuga, I can’t seem to remember anything other than cuming to 1 video. It’s not the first time this has ever happened to me :smile:. But man was I glad that it was just a dream!!


Don’t worry bro. Hold on. Never give up. It’s your brain acting up. It needs its daily dose of dopamine. But don’t give it via fapping. Try other sources of dopamine like exercise, meditate, maybe listen to your favorite song, get out of your house, walk, just get some alone time somewhere serene.

This is just a phase. It will all go away. As long as you don’t give up, everything is going to be alright. I had my ‘flatline period’ 3 or 4 days ago. It was just like you now have. No motivation, feeling depressed, can’t focus, hate to talk to people etc. I’m on 13 day streak and that was the last time I felt that way. I held on and didn’t relapse & I now don’t have any of these negative feelings. Infact I now feel fantastic!! So don’t give up brother!! Hold on!!


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