Our journey to Reboot

This is our start of journey to the reboot. We don’t personally know each other for we had only met on rewire forums. Some of us hasn’t even messaged each other.
Just a bunch of complete strangers encouraging and motivating each other to reach the common goal, OUR common goal; No fap .

This thread is made so that we have a place to share our experiences, our difficulties, our happiness, benefits of no faps etc.

We will be here for each other :heart:


@Francinabe @AlphaBeast1 @ReNeGaDE @Luke091190 @leo1199

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Yeah! Let’s just help each other :heart:


So how was your day guys? Were you able to preserve? :innocent:

I had my day completely free of triggers since I was very busy with my exams and all. 89 days to go!! :hugs:

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@Saiyaf Welcome!

So far so good, 4 days and no urges, but daily thoughts restructuration. I restarted some meditation before sleep, next thing to bring back is the whole yoga routine I use to do. I know that for me it gets hard after a week, and usually on weekends, but I’m going out in canoe-camping this w-e so I might expect it will kick hard on monday or tuesday.


@Andreiwhois Welcome!
Guys add our new brother his Sharing code -knwa30

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How was your day guys?
It’s very cold here, inside the cozy blankets its almost impossible to not to give in but I still held on.
Every time I get an urge I watch animal rescue videos. I think its almost impossible for me to kill my urge without watching them. I hope for a day when I could control my urges with sheer will power.

Oh and I got accidentally exposed to porn in message app. Thank God I was not alone or I would have relapsed.

This was a relevation to me. I still overestimated myself.
I am weak. But by God’s grace and mercy I didn’t relapse.
And I know once I give in, it will be a never ending cycle of relapsing.

I remember from letter to Corinthians
“My grace is sufficient for you , for my power is made perfect in weakness .”
May he grant me power and may his will be done.

Relapsed because I had blue balls. :-
How do you guys deal with blue balls?

Sorry that you had no response, I was out in nature the entire weekend and didn’t watch my phone at all. I can’t help you with blue balls i never had them that much. I’m sure there’s a topic about it somewhere in the forum or in reddit/nofap, for sure your not the only one that relapse because of it.

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Man finally. Dude I was feeling so lonely in the forums these days. I thought you uninstalled the app.

I know, not that much active people in there… and along with the streak, I like to take breaks from internet sometimes… How’s going now?

On my day 2. Struggling with no motivation and stress.