Opening up about my life

Ive got Adhd, I was diagnosed 4, and I take ritalin for it every morning. Ive got mild autism aswell, I was diagnosed at 4.
Its crazy because when I was younger, my parents believed I wouldn’t be able to look after myself, they thought I was going to have to have 24/7 care for the rest of my life, I couldn’t even talk and that was due to autism, but all of that changed when I finally started to talk, my parents were still worried I wouldn’t be able to look after myself, but as I grew older, my speech improved, same as my personality, and I begun to shape into the person I am today, but throughout my teens, I slowly started to grow a form of independence, there were often struggles with my autism, I would get headaches easily from being so focused on school assignments and with my Adhd, if I was off the meds, I would often go off the rails, my parents would still worry that I wouldn’t fully be able to look after myself. In my late teens I was hooked on PMO, my autism was almost no longer noticeable, but I would struggle with eye contact, and I would often go off the rails if I didn’t take my meds, for a long time, my parents believed I couldn’t look after myself in life, but I would often surprise them with what I can do, I was slowly gaining that independence, I eventually started to work fixed term jobs and I was gaining more independence through that, when I finished that job, I was already on a streak of nofap, I was able to surprise my parents with what I can do, I got a license, a car, a job, my parents were worried I couldn’t do this, but I surprised them with my skills. Now that I am driving and got a job, my parents see how my independence grew over the years, nofap helped with it too and they are proud. They often worry that I can’t do things but I always suprise them with my skills. My parents went from believing I needed 24/7 care, to now seeing their son(me), as someone who is now independent and able to look after himself.


I am silent and just thinking of you


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