Only 7 days competition.....has been started from 04-05-2020.. No more entries (Competition finished)

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Highest streak - 72 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - India
Status - Single

Only 7 days competition…


Welcome to this New Competition

  1. In this race. there will be a winner or winners from the group who will get Trophy. For example, if anyone Reach 7 days streak from 04-05-2020 will be the winner or winners.
    the person who wont relapse will be in this group…If anyone relapse in these 7 days will be out from this group.
  2. Send your age,sharing code, country name, sex, married or single. The competition will be started from 04-05-2020
  3. When joining the competition, you should add yourself in the scoreboard at the bottom.
  4. Please add yourself in the scoreboard in the format in which others put their details.
  5. In bottom of comments there is an option. Change it from Tracking to Watching to receive group notifications.
  6. If anyone relapse I will Remove his/her Name from scoreboard

Invite your friends in this competition

Let’s see who will be the winner or winners
And Update your details…etc…in the format…
The RACE will be started from 04-05-2020
Note: The 7 days will be counted from 04-05-2020

The Race will be Started from 04-05-2020:checkered_flag::trophy:



WINNERS :trophy::tada::trophy:

  1. Brahmachari_17(vt9fry)17M🇮🇳62d
  2. kjschnei1(z9xlsc)31M🇺🇸6d
  3. karan050(xno9ys)22M🇮🇳0d
  4. Tagore (tn1ii4) 19M :india: 18d
  5. Alexcoz600 (jb4y4m) 22M :australia: 25d
  6. Selfconqurer (hbfj3h) 24M :india: 15d
  7. Angelo34(rv3d97)18M🇺🇸31d
  8. TheDominator (eldfmr) 21M :india: 7d
  9. Babi (daaf29) 27M :india: 28d
  10. Rajesh8699 (5q1nim) 20M :india: 4d
  11. Cubenix (qx9fy3) 23M🇿🇦 158d
  12. wijMAN(7x7o71) 22M :india: 22d
  13. tryin_to_be_better (3564jj) M :india: 6d
  14. Transporter(5szebm) 27M :ireland:2d
  15. buntyak(jp47rd)29M :pakistan: 26d
  16. Richard21 (75m1ry) 20M :india: 23d
  17. Vardhan(ovpxf4)20M:India: 0d
  18. vishnu9999 (atu384) 21M :india: 0d
  19. james.hidayat (mhzmlb) 23M :malaysia: 16d
  20. azeem29336 (hykt0e) 18M :pakistan: 9d



Count me in…

Sharing code - vt9fry
Current streak - 53
Highest streak - 53 and counting…
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - India :india:

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Im in.

Sharing code - z9xlsc
Current streak - 6 days
Highest streak - 14 days
Age - 31
Gender - M
Location - MO, USA
Relationship Status - Married

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I am in.

Sharing code - xno9ys
Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 67 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - India
Relationship Status - single

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Hello guys
I am also in
Sharing code:zc97cd
Current Streak: 16
Highest Streak: still about 40
Age: 19
Gender: M
Location: India
Relationship status: :prince:Single.

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Iam in as well.

Sharing code - tn1ii4
Current streak - 18
Highest streak 40
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - INDIA :india:

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I invite you to join this competition…

I invite you to join this competition…



I invite you to join this competition…


I invite you to join this competition…


Iam in brother @NEW_CHALLENGER.Lets Win Together

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@josephvt Please update yourself in scoreboard

Sharing code - 6z67xj
Current streak - 20 days
Highest streak - 30 days *
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - India

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@josephvt brother At top you find scoreboard…
Fill your details their…

Done brother.Kill Porn Win together

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Ok :+1:

I am in brother… plss tell me… after 7 days what happens. You give a new date for another 7 days or it will continue from the end date? @NEW_CHALLENGER


Count me in…sharing code 3564jj
Current streak: 6days
Longest : 10 days
Gender: M
Location: india


Count on me.
Sharing code - 826714
Current streak - 0 days
Longest streak - 24 days.
Gender - male
Location - USA :us:
i am tired of living a life of addiction. I will once and for all rule over myself. Let’s get on fire! :muscle::muscle::fire::sunglasses::pray: