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By, the way Good Knight


Hey bro
** miscellaneous ** what a hard word :sweat_smile:
Confused me

Anyway, Overthinking over planing,
I think many of us Get stuck on overthinking loops ,it’s connected as well to no fap,
You get caught in thoughts , and can’t escape this loop , and it paralyze you , and cause depression
And suddenly your motivation tank is leaking, emptied out so fast

What do you think about it?

That’s what we called spirituality…
Spirituality is science to study ourselves…
Thats our ultimate goal… Nofap only boost that process…
Go hunt for Spirituality but never ever go confused with religion…

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Yea I always thought it’s connected to religion…

There is couple trick to avoid thinking when you feel you’re about to engage an overthinking loop, cause it’s not healthy.

We should think a bit, decide best course of action and start practical steps and along the way we will get the rest of the answers, believe and trust in that can help us overcome overthinking and getting stuck in some thoughts, that’s the mentality I want to adopt

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