One year streak//ask me anything


Please… can you tell me what are you notice physical and mental improvement


Physically I feel less tired, but for me it’s more about how I mentally feel much better. I feel more in tune with my senses and feelings. Like for example I use Twitter and Instagram after not using them for a while, but if I feel like I’ve been using them too much or if I’m super stressed I’ll get rid of them for the time being


Cpngrats bro
I dont know if you have this, but I do.
Its like maybe due to anxiety, everytime I look at simplest harmless nonsense cues, the lusty thoughts quickly come to mind. And it appears in my eyes. People notice this on me, esp the girls that im talking to. I never want bad things to these ladies, its like Pavlov’s dog, involuntary, but concious.

If you experienced it, what did you do about it? How long it before it goes away


Dude, you are legit. I’m glad you’re sharing this and you’re not someone who has forgotten about the app and it’s just counting the days.
So happy that you’ve done it! And hope this has given you a new lease on life! :slight_smile:


What is your experience of Flatlines !


This sums up your 365 days hard mode streak in one line. :blush:


For me I didn’t want a relationship till I had a long streak, but I definitely had some clinical depression far a bid. You have to remember that people don’t know what you’re going through so why be nervous around them?


Thanks I couldn’t have got here without praying to the Lord of all things (Jesus Christ). Also I read a bid of you’re diary and I’m so glad you found salvation! It’s awesome to see a sister in Christ fighting addiction like a boss


Oh… Flatlines! I remember when my family was getting ready to move I had this horrible Flatlines. I didn’t care about a thing, but on the flip side I didn’t get many urge during that time though. The thing that make my flatline easier was I remembered that God was still there for me even if nothing matter, he still did.


Hi @Radio,
What was your approach towards urges in the first few weeks of no fap? When you start feeling bored or restless, what did you do?


I got rid of all my social media apps except snapchat (you should probably get rid of it too) and locked my browser, and I meditated and prayed when I had an urges. I also tried to spend time with friends or family when I had an urge in the day time @thephoenixmyth


Firstly congratulations !!

How long was the blocker important to reach that mark?
Do you still wear it?


Again another question. When is the time you feel that all the withdrawal is TOTALLY absent?

How long was your PMO history? So maybe I can somewhat estimate my reboot trajectory from yours


Very good question @scorpionzz
I am also interested in this.


6 months or so but it really just depends on you. Maybe you’ll need it for 8 months instead of 6. You have to just be aware of how your urges are at the time


@scorpionzz @Courageous I think the urges for the most part were gone after 6 months but they’re never truly gone bc we have a predisposition to this thing. My PMO addiction started when I was 12 and now I’m 20. I never thought it was fine but I just kept saying ‘one more time’


From your answer i predict my recovery and its going to take a year for me to recover because my addiction is 12 years old.


Thanks for replying @Radio