One year streak//ask me anything


So I hit the one year mark on February 6 and I wanted to see if anyone has questions that I could help with


Are you a real cat @Radio


How u Handle urself in extreme urges.


Yeah it’s true (hard mode too)


Well I’ve been super stressed lately about this one girl I went out with and I tried looking at memes to clear my mind but some of the memes were a bit on the triggering side so I stopped that and I tried to focus on learning Javascript and reading the Bible/praying. Let me tell you the urges were the strongest I’ve felt in a while but I don’t want to make myself anymore stressed so that keeps me in line also


Can you levitate or have you learnt telekinesis?:smirk:

On the serious note, how long have you you been trying until you got to this point? Honestly, I wish I would know about NoFap in my teens.


Any very benefits you want to share


No telekinesis, but I am joining the X-men :joy:


@ReloadingSacks @weir This is my first streak on the app, but I used to do nofap alone. The way I used to do it is by just trying to fight the urges but they wear on you and then you relapse. I relapsed A LOT when I did it solo but I found waits to resist (I can expound upon them if you’d like me to)


The biggest benefit is the fact that I don’t think about this 24 hours a day. I can do what I want


How do you deal with emotional triggers ( like when you get stressed or depressed about something in your life ) and you crave for a feel good factor? Maybe once in a while when you feel low and urges come in waves.


Yeah my urges mostly come from being quite stressed. I try to meditate, pray, and red my Bible to clear my mind.I also try to do productive stuff so I don’t feel like my life is going nowhere @BoomerangNebula


Praiseworthy indeed… truly! Neko, please tell me what all you did with the extra time and energy?


I used to practice Japanese then I practiced Spanish but now I learning Javascript and I also stream on twitch sometimes and I play video games (I have a seasonal job so I’m not working at the moment) @hellojaani


:tada:Omedetou gozaimasu, Neko-kun :smile::+1:


Thank you so much! :blush:


How have your relationships (with friends/family/SO’s/anyone) changed as a result of one year (or more) of NF? (If they have, that is.)


Congrats my friend. That is awsome. You are a great example to us all.


I went on my first date and I’d say my relationships with people in general have got a lot better


Thank you! I’m honored to be seen in that way!