One week on nofap

Hey guys today is 10/7/20 and Im on my day 7 of nofap(6 day 13 hrs)
In last one week, first 3 days were hell! I couldn’t even focus on the shows . But on 4th day I felt very energetic! On day 5 I studied 8:30 hours which is. The highest in last 3 months(due to study challange) I can think much clearer now. It’s not like that I’m it’s my first time on 7th day. My worst enemy is 8th 9th days and I’m really afraid if I could pass those days. Till now I haven’t got any urges. And due to this app crossing day 6 was very easy. Thank you for reading! I will update on my birthday (ie 18/07/2020) if I don’t lose. stay blessed


Don’t use mobile for 2 days. Hard mode on mobile. Keep going… You are @nofapstar123


Yo nice advice! I’ll surely try this.


In, study challenge you can post your data in 2 days so don’t worry about this.


48 days? I think it’s hours right :slight_smile:


Guys as i said, I am getting urges right after crossing day 7 . Man I had no urges in last 7 days. I hope I can survive this😔

Guys hopefully, my urges are gone…


Keep going, do not make the same mistake like I did. Long term happiness is the most important.

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