One step back, two steps forward

Was so terribly sick and was laying on my bed all day.
I fapped to nsfw content on Reddit.
So as an action I uninstalled Reddit.

But I have now understood that no matter how much porn you block and no matter how many days you abstain, if there is a lack of understanding then we will all just go back to our addictions. If one has a core level understanding about their addictions then they wouldn’t even think about doing it again . At this point the number of days seem pointless to me. The whole meaning of nofap is to go above and beyond yourself.
I urge everyone to contemplate their lives and really sit down and think about things.


Listen to him


Gabe dawg💜
Thank you. I will check it out.

wier thank you so so much.
I watched his video all the way through.
Thanks to you my eyes are a bit more open than before.
Thank you.

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