One serious fear about long nofap

When I see long time nofappers, 300+ , they look and behave for me like priests with balls sliced off. I dont want this happen to me, in fact I imagine 300+ as a hi-manhood, wild and unstoppable, but what I see in general is far from this picture - maybe I am wrong, can anyone confirm ?


I have the same doubt and question as well. Eagerly waiting for some valid responses.


Hahaahahaaa interesting.

Bhaii yeh kya keh rha hai… message mein Bata de…

You have no idea of what they have achieved.
From your comment its understandable that you enjoy sex and all its pleasures. You are still in this circle of short term pleasures.

For 300 plus days who are on hard mode, i can easily predict that they enjoy long term pleasures. By this i mean that the feeling which we get from orgasm, they experience it many times throughout their day without masturbation or sex.


Keep in mind: you have to differenciate between monkmode (hardmode, no P, M and O), or softmode (no P and M).

If you wish to be physically close with other people (your partner) there is no reason for you to go fully monk mode. However, never never, never watch P again. Look up “your brain on porn” it will open your eyes!


Some south asian & african countries have a huge reputation for mass producing self proclaimed gurus who engage in lofty claims. And unproductive disillusioned kids from richer backgrounds join those gurus by paying higher membership fees provided by their rich dads who earned that money by sheer hard work. It’s time fathers in every family should kick their kids out and push them to start working and make a living from the age of minimum 20 years of age, that will force these kids to focus 100% at work more and avoid falling for drugs, porn or unsolicited advice from unproductive cult style gurus up in the hills who does nothing but meditate and count beads tied around some thread and their only interest is to drug the kids and take full lion’s share out of whatever dad’s money those kids bring to the guru’s tribal village group in the name of some stupid search for the meaning of life. People can do nofap without paying money to priests and gurus.


for me my object is to natural sex but never ever porn and masterbation. sex is natural made by god but porn and masterbation are the bad habits that human developed


Totally agree!

Sex with partner is natural and it is fine. Porn is like fast food. Bad for mental and physical health.


Those guys achieve many things that most nfers wish to achieve they are focused and they have peace in their minds, its a great thing to conquer yourself like seriously i find it honorable, now i probably sound like a priest with no balls jk, i am on hardmode but i want monkmode after a couple years.


So in general do you confirm this or not? I mean peace of mind sounds cool but are there any other options? Like peace with unstoppable force or abilty to go wild when you want to? I think no fap requires some extra work to use it for things we want to, to give it some shape. But maybe it shapes by itself, I dont know…

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I would say the whole reason why we need these forums and why there is such a huge movement behind quitting masturbation is because our addiction to our desires is what is wild and uncontrollable.

I am on Day 89 right now if this counts for anything towards what I am saying. But in my limited experience it does feel like quitting masturbation is like “taming the beast”. And sure, to a person who has not gone to a very high streak before they may not observe this quintessential “manliness” that they are seeking, that you are seeking.

That is because the beast is no longer eating our energy from within, we have stopped its rampage within ourselves and have told it that we are in charge now. So outwardly a person with a high streak may seem too calm for you, but that is not because they have “lost” this energy, but because they have tamed it.

I think if a man tames this wild beast within himself, it is then up to themselves what they do next that dictates what happens to this force. They can begin to train this beast (much easier said than done but definitely possible with a bit of concentration) by letting it out in different scenarios like when courting a woman or when having sex, often men can learn to harness its power when working out or training to enhance their physical strength and vigour (this is the easiest way to start to work with it in my opinion).

In probably many cases though, men tame the beast and put it in a cage and shame it for ever existing, relishing their new control over their body they demonize the beast and say it will have no food or shelter here. To most, this life is still a better one than being controlled by it, and they are probably right.

But if you can tame it, then train it, you can be calm and collected when you want to be and wild and ferocious when you want to be, knowing that you are the lord of your domain and this beast within is your direwolf, your lifelong companion that will always challenge you to keep you on your toes but if you treat it well and let it speak sometimes too then it will reward you with its continual animalistic potential if you desire it.

That’s just my two cents, it’s a fun way to look at it.

So yes you probably do see a lot of men with high streaks that have put a muzzle on their beast, but it is a choice and if you do not want that to happen to you then you won’t. It’s that simple.

EDIT: To those with long streaks: It is never too late to begin feeding this beast again, we are a man until we die and unless you are dead this beast is within and only requires companionship to come alive again.


Frankly, at first I was sceptical about your thoughts, but after reading them I must say that I absolutely adore your way of thinking and your philosophy. We should really just harmonize ourselves and unite all aspects of our beings, instead of being ashamed of it, punish it or put it in a cage. That does not include masturbating or watching pornography, but rather directing that energy into something creative, marvelous, divine and embrace our whole universal potential. That’s a big step forward.
I really appreciate that you shared your thoughts and I’m glad to meet someone openminded considering this field of modern life.



Love the analogy!
Points at the truth inside a man :slight_smile:


So it is how I thought, you have to choose what you wanna have

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You killed it there bro. You are my hero, a legend.
Bow down to the hard mode master.
I like to be in your shoes one day. Plenty of time and i know i will do it.

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Sahi kaha resurgent bro!!!


Agreed my long term goal is balance

With Time, will, pantience,preserverance ,You achieve your goals that you want its all starts with ‘I can’


Either you control the c0ck or the c0ck controls you. You tell the c0ck when to react, not the c0ck dictating u :joy::rofl:

Or vaginas for females.

St Augustine was a highly religious/spiritual man who started from a wild sex life to a priesthood like status. So I guess it goes both ways.