One Punch Man training!

1 : Waking up at 4:00 am
2 : Meditation for 10 or more minutes everyday
3 : Working out either in GYM Or home workout(everyday)
4: Eating Healthy
5: Reading books or listening audiobook
6: daily affirmation
7: Writing your Goals daily
8: Drinking 5 litres of water
9: Doing skin care
10: Talking to a friend daily

Anyone who can do all these may join
It’s going to end on December 31st
You would get 100 points if you complete all these within a day(10 points each)
Relapse will lead to -500 points
To join enter your:

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I won’t join, but I wish you divine success :v:

Just want to mention that you really don’t need 5 litres of water. Some herbal tea has great benefits on mind and health, but 2-3 litres are fine if you don’t sweat like crazy.

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