👋 On my tenth day

Now I’ve made the tenth day of NoPMO/NoFap and I’m trying to reiterate what has happened so far. Or what’s different. Admitting, I really do long for the sensation of an orgasm, of being showered with bliss for this one small moment. I have the fondest of memories in my heart, but right now, it cannot be.

After ten days, I am under the impression that I have become far steadier on my way. Ten days ago, I would never have thought to have made it this far, however short the run. At first, it was quite hard to not give in to the urges to masturbate, which had hit me harder than they do now.

As I come see it after the time that has now passed, is not so much a battle against some final boss (or little monster, how the hackbook has it), but has become a letting-go. That feeling is much more gracious and rewarding than the one of permanent battle from day one, and I would commend to anyone to try to change their point of view and see things from that side. It can is fulfilling, at least, it is for me.

What did not happen: All my problems or tasks, big or small, did not dissolve in some magical way. Instead, I found the calm to work on them one by one with more focus than I had before, without the need for a quick fix to alleviate some imagined stress.

Also, I think that my balls have gotten a little bigger (or at least, they feel that way), which I like. But that may as well be a trick of the light.


I always had this impression, after a few days, that my balls were heavier or bigger. However, I found no evidence of it whatsoever. May be purely mental, may be true, but in any case, that doesn’t mean you “have to” release it, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.
A curious phenomenon all right.

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That’s exactly what I’m thinking!

happy for you brother ! never look back

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Thank you! Never before has doing nothing made me that content.