On my 70th day - had some dreams - miss my old self

I am on my 70th day of no pmo. Last night there were some dreams. One of them was, I was doing something to a girl which relates to the kind of porn I used to watch… I was half awake I guess, coz I knew I should’nt imagine it further as I decided to stop those but I did imagine anyway. That coupled with a few more sexual dreams which I have forgotten about, but I woke up thinking that I miss all of them. The sites where I used to meet girls for fun (I deleted those accounts) , the sextings (stopped it 100%), the masturbation, porn everything. 70 days feels like its been a long time since I felt all those, the way i am now feels like a new me,whom I really like… Now suddenly its like a trip to being my old self and how fun it was… Me having those dreams, Is it good thing or a bad thing?


So I’m assuming you miss the dopamine high you got from your old practices. But tell me, if you are on day 70 of NoFap with no peeking, do you miss:

  1. That feeling of defeat everytime you relapse?
  2. That anger at your lack of self control?
  3. That pity for yourself that you are a boy who doesn’t respect women?
  4. That secret shame due to your secret sin?
  5. That feeling where you just want to give up?
  6. Those social, physical, mental and physical problems in Fap life?
  7. Those awkward moments with the other sex where you don’t know what to do?
  8. That lack of self esteem and feeling low?

I guess, if you miss all of that too, well then I wouldn’t advise a relapse, but it’s your choice.

In this journey, it’s not the things that we gain that are so important. It’s the things we leave behind.

It’s hard to imagine the freedom we find, from the things we leave behind


Yours dreams are just dreams! They are not good or bad. Your unconscious mind is still processing your life change.

Don’t give a shit!

Keep doing what you are already doing with success: NO PMO!