On day 7 got my permit!

So i got on day 7 and got all these benifts from not being shy to have a clear mind. I want to focous on the second benift , so about a month ago i went to take my permit while i was still under the addicton and had just replased the day before it i went to the test location felling all disy and having a foggy brain, despite all the reading i did and how much i studied i was still scared( and it is one of the fapping disadvantnges u can get) so after a month (today) i went and took it again with a streak of 7 daya, and man i can not tell you how clear my mind was when i took i started making goals before the test and went ahead and took it and guess what i passed it. I give all the credit of passing to nofap and will keep going on my streak. Im writing this right after i got home. If you have any goals in your life im telling you nofap will make it happen.
Stay strong‚Äč:muscle::muscle:


Keep it up believe in yourself become the better version and keep becoming stronger every single day. We are all one family… The NoFap Family

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