Oggyboi's first 30 days


Name : Agrim Puriya
Age : 15
Current Streak : 30
Code : 497so9

First 30 days was surprisingly easy for me. I have seen people struggling from urges in the first week, but I really didn’t struggle that much. I even tried to control my sexual thoughts after the first week. I managed to reduce my wet dreams by seeing some youtube videos. The benefits I have seen so far are:- 1 More energy
2 I don’t feel depressed anymore. 3 More respect for girls
However, I didn’t achieve the benefit for which I joined this journey that is less hesitation to talk. I sit in the second last bench of the class, not talking to anybody, always lost in my own thoughts, brain fogged to death and i have just one friend in the whole class. Bad guys bully me because I am a easy target for them. I am a really weak fellow, I almost look like a skeleton :joy:.
I hope things get better as I advance in this nofap journey.
So how should I celebrate my first month? Write in the comments.


Congrats for the initiative!!
Let’s defeat this addiction!!

My code: 5ca458573f76a5920

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@rapaz Thanks for your comment :+1::blush:. I made you my companion but I have a small request. Can you please write your status in english, so that I could understand it too.

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The translation is: “I exalt You, oh Lord, because You delivered me” - Psalm 29 (30); Challenge 40+ Start: 22/11/2018


It is good to know that you didn’t feel any resistance during your 30 days journey. But now comes the time you need to be careful coz around this time, many nofappers become overconfident about their journey and start doing careless things like peaking, which makes them relapse. Now that you feel the fapping is not a part of your life, you can start focusing on other things in life that you want to work on. Remember, nofap is just a tool, you are mechanic, you should know what to do with it.
Once again congratulations on your achievement


Do regular excercises which can make you MUSCLES… :muscle:
they will not dare to bully you then.


Was going to say the same thing. Get lots of exercise, do some weights, join some after class groups if you can, get some friends outside of school because friendships are so important. Talk to people you trust like family perhaps about any bullying there is no shame. I was bullied a lot at school and it destroyed my self confidence completely don’t let them do that to you. If I could go back in time certain people would get hurt and I would tell people what I was going through instead I did it alone and suffered mental health issues as a result.
Maybe join a self defence class too then if it gets physical you can defend yourself. Don’t take that crap from anyone…
Also 30 days is really good keep going…