Off The Train's Journey to Me 2.0

Starting Day 18. Need to hit thw gym today and follow my own advice to meditate to help strengthen my willpower, feels like im going to need it today.

About to take a cold shower, hmm just writing that tamed my mini urge just a tad at rhis moment!

Been keeping busy journaling on YT as well.

Going the distance



Here once again, the post above this one from me ended at 41 days and im quite proud of that! I could have went longer but i allowed myself to relapse in a moment of pain from life. It wasnt an urge but intentional. So though i do regret the action, it has taught me that i still lean on this for escape of pain and must be diligent when pain comes my way again and to not open this door for a remedy as it will not yield the remedy i need.

Day 17 Next Stop!!!

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