Observations about nofap

I observed one thing, that if we stop watching porn, stop peeking to bikni models, and many others and try to resist ourselves but in this world you do not resist yourself because all this come to you anyways like you go to shop and passed by females undergarments shop you somehow watched or you mistakenly saw it… Then it triggers you and you can’t resist and relapsed.
There are so many things that triggers your pmo habit.

So instead of doing this start reading or feed your brain with why pmo is dangerous what damage do to your life, what cause it to your brain.

I mean to say that surround your brain with negative effects of pmo and positive effects of nofap.

If you relapsed then just note down your days how long you hold it and try to increase that gap. And try to learn from your mistakes. Don’t blame yourself if you relapsed try to see like this that you achieve something because in previous years you do pmo regularly but now you learn to control this… Just try not to do previous things that drag you into pmo situation.

Share your thoughts I want to learn from your experience.

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There is an offer as well. I didn’t invent this, just heard. Every time you see girl who’s appearance triggers you - thank in your mind for her beauty. If you’re faithful - praise the God, how beautifully He created her. If you aren’t - just appreciate her. Not with lustful sight, just express your gratitude. And you may think about your current or future girlfriend/spouse. How would you feel if someone would look at her this way?
The best way is to shift one’s attitude, that there is MORE than this physical body, physical act. And you are MORE than this. :v:t2:
And well, girls could dress more modestly as well :laughing:

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You are right bro… :grin::grin::grin::grin:
But after watching so many years porn continuously we actually train our mind not think in normal way… That’s why in that situation a whole world is full of triggers :grin:
That’s why I decided to start reading books. I made a list:
1)The porn pandemic
2) The molecule of more

Would you be very disappointed if I say I am a sister actually… But, it’s great you find what works for you the best!

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Now I feel very guilty what I say… I am so sorry I didn’t know… But what I say is the real thing… Actually I am facing this problem so… I don’t change the world… But I can change my mind that’s why I want to feed my brain with such information that taught me about disaster effect of pmo.

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No worries! I understand and hadn’t get offended or something! So - stay in peace! :v:t2:

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Thank you so much for understanding me.

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