Observations abount one of the many causes of the fap

I experienced a bizarre motif of continuous relapses.
Continuous relapses are done because the arousal you get with all the girls you know can’t satisfy it if you resume climbing right away, so the devil pulls you into a vicious circle and makes you fap once for every girl you know (no porn), different from time to time, until all the girls you know are exhausted. This is a very powerful weapon of the evil one that you absolutely must not give in to, another reason why the girls you know could be incalculable in number.
This Thursday I got to 5 relapses in one day (my worst record in entire my life, my average was 1 per day before learning about nofap for the first time, one fap a day is much more than enough to make your life a hell and get heavily addicted)!
Finally re-finding the motivation, then I found the strength to resume the nofap climb, stronger than before. 1 day, 4 hours and 32 minutes for now.

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5 in pne day
thats very drastic
are yiu feeling fatigued?

On Thursday I felt exhausted and emotionless.
But it must be said that something that had never happened to me in my life, all 5 times I came very quickly. I kept my brain in the dopamine bath for a very short time.
Simply because when I go out of my imagination alone (MO) it is much easier and faster for me to come than PMO (which I have not practiced any more).

thats due to disturbance in dopamine levels & p*** is the worst enemy of it .

Yes, I have published a good strategy for quit addiction more easily. Relearn handwritten.

Bro my record Is 12 relapses in one day vo bi ek k baad ek

Stay busy and do hell of physical activity.

12 is beyond dangerous brother.

Stay safe.

Yeah bro !!!:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had one of those days before…it wasn’t pretty but it’s what 'helped me get it together and restart my streak. I fapped to the point where it was painful and I hated it, and for the next 3 days I didn’t have the energy or will to even touch it.

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