Now i am really really mad at this

January was nice month to me. I had my longest streak as beginner 17 days but now i am not able to go through 1st week

Help me recover from the relapse. What measures should i apply to beat the first week
How to avoid pornography.


When you get thoughts to watch porn just remember 1 thing, our brain will definitely say its okay nothing will happen for 1 time watching and masturbation. But remember that’s where our downfall starts.
Whenever you have such kind of thoughts put all your electronic gadgets away and go for a walk or run or move from that place and mingle with people and do some meditation.
I did the same thing multiple times and got control over me. Hope it will help you too


Thank you for your advise

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Read the easyPeasy method.

Its 100 pages and free, originally developed to quit smoking and very effective.

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