Noticeable change on the size of your

Hi guys,

I am quite ok with my size. I guess I have a somewhat average penis size(somewhere between 6-6,5 inch, around 16cm). But lately, I noticed change. I am on my 35th day. In the last week I started to notice in the mirror a change on my size. I did not measured, but visually noticable. Thank God it is not a negative change. Is this normal? I guess it’s the better blood flow that my penis has now.
Do you guys experienced such changes? I don’t beleive in fairy tales and magic, and my goal with nofap was never this, but of course I will gladly take such a change with it.


I noticed a similar change today on my 51st day.
It seemed longer that what it used to be.
I’ve never heard about such advantage of Nofap.


I have noticed that my whole erection strength is well controllable now that I’m on my 13th day. PRAISE JESUS CHRIST