Nothing really works

I have tried everything , motivational videos all bullshit . I always fail , these videos always says the same thing . I always masturbate . I can’t control it . Now u guys will say don’t watch this and stop using these apps but I can’t . What’s the point . Today I will uninstall Instagram then I will always be thinking about Instagram then ima install it again then boom hot pictures everywhere then we know the drill , right . I m so pissed off at myself

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I’ve been in pretty much the same situation. I did fine for a while. I was going 5 to 10 days. Now I’m right back where I used to be a few times a day. I honestly feel that I might need to spend some money to kick this really bad addiction. Like going to see a therapist. Or joining some actual physical sexual addiction groups. I don’t know your financial status but I’m sure if some of these sexual groups are free or very low-cost… I am going to download a good p*** blocker later. It says on there that you can even lock YouTube and some other things. It’s $5 a month but it might be worth it… but yeah I feel for you because I will still find things to watch that’ll motivate me to masturbate

No I am talking about the triggers , even if I block my phone and throw it away , i will still feel like fapping , and a hot girl in class or a park always triggers me. Tell me how can I block them ? I can’t go out , I can’t even stay in my apartment since it will depress me more.
And no there aren’t any sexual groups or addiction groups in my city , all I know is some mental type institution for drug users

It’s your *integrity that is pissed off.

*choosing to uphold a principle, regardless of conflicting ideas or feelings

NoFap is a principle, doing it is a choice - to put it bluntly.

I’m not perfect, but that is the one truth that still stands.


I m trying to fight for my integrity. But I can’t even stand up to fight this shit

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I do know where you’re coming from, though it’s been a while since I felt like that.

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If you can’t stand, lie down.
There’s nothing to fight, that battle is within the mind


Yeah I have been reading these forums .Feels good seeing what u guys are achieving. I m in the shithouse right now I guess . The very bottom .

What is the shithouse? And how far down is the bottom? :smile:

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Like can’t think of fapping every 3 hours. Tell me there is someone worse than me

Nofap is for life, not just for Christmas.

If we’re gonna do this everyday, we’ve got to make this achievable with the energy we have


Tuku do you have any hobbies? Or do you go to work or school or anyting?

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Small steps @tuku :pray::pray::pray:


I like listening tp music

I don’t work , neither school . Self employed

You need to get out of your house more. If you feel like fapping every three hours you need to be in public a lot more. you’re a self employment is that something that you could do out of the house sometimes?


Outside too many distractions. I prefer doing it in my room

I got you but that is one of the problems. You’re too isolated. I have put my laptop in my living room now cuz I have a roommate and it’s not like I’m going to jerk off in the living room. That has helped a bit

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Blocking has it limits. At some point we always get caught off guard

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Life is full of distractions, and people unpredictable