NOT PMO addict but much more than it 🥺 to

Hello guys,

I’m seriously struggling with a nasty habit.I literally don’t have had any interest in porn, although I think I have jerked off to porn seldomly when I was a kid (14-16 years odd). Now that my problem is that I am addicted to jerking off by real women secretly,u know peeking through the window or just squeezing my balls in pants while watching a woman. It has gotten so bad that I can’t help myself than to checking out almost every girls walking down the street and objectifying her body. Let’s me confess that I had never jerked off in public places and I will never do though.
I just can’t control to check out girls when I am walking down the road or anywhere else. I am particularly addicted to girls having long hairs… when I see a girl having a long hair. I started to image that I’m b**ging her from behind by pulling hair. Or that I am playing with her hair whilst f##king her. I’m telling all these fantasies because I really want to change myself. I want you guys to tell if it’s ok to fantasize in this way.

Added with that… I never miss a chance to jerk off when I get a chance to touch my d&&k in some secluded area whilst watching woman.

I can’t control myself when I get a view of that neighborhood aunty who usually comes in her terrace for drying her clothes and for drying her hair. I am addicted to her long hair,the way she tooses her hair and showing her neck and back is just so seductive that I had to give up by masturbating myself… This " is the only" reason for my relapsing again and again

Guys I really want to change… I don’t want to be like this. This is so unhealthy I know… a part of the reason I resorted to this pathway is what I believe because of the gf failure which lead to vicious cycle loneliness after break up.

Guys please reply

Not gonna lie. That’s a bit disturbing. And there’s no solution to this except step by step getting rid of things, one by one


Would like to know how old are u

Read the book ‘EasyPeasy best way to nofap’ free online

I’m 25 years old now

So ur preparing for competitive exams right?

These are really weird habits. I would say its consequences may be worse than porn. If you will keep doing this maybe in the future you will do some inappropriate behavior in public.

I would say at least bring this habit from your roof to your room. Try to do it from your imagination.


What you are doing is objectifying women
And I respect you for coming out. Sharing it also takes alot of heart

Firstly - You have a big problem. Every guy does watch a woman now and then but what you are doing is counted a bit extreme

Secondly - This problem won’t be solved immediately. It will take time depending on your will to give up

Thirdly - If you don’t stop this your life will end up fucked I guarantee that


Yes I’m preparing for exams

Why r u asking this bro?

Similar situation here! I think this is even more worse than porn and also difficult to get over, since your porn is so to say “reality”. What I found out for myself (not being addicted to her but to shorts etc.) is that without fapping it doesn’t really excite me. So stop masturbating and eventually you’ll see things as they are: shorts a piece of fabric and hair, well…, just some hair :man_shrugging:
Maybe read “Power over Pornography” and just in general choose to man up…

You need to have strong determination. You know that it is a fight with yourself. It might be difficult but not impossible, will take time. 1 year or more, Do you have that much patience?

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Abstain from everything. I know it is easy to say but this is the only simple Mantra. Start your counter and Be The Real Man.

Bcuz exam means ul be busy… Being busy is the ultimate hack to pmo free life

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Goddamn… U are so right bro… U are

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What’s your situation like ? Do you cap watching real women?

I have only few things to say. You follow these, you will heal. If u don’t your life is fucked

  • Quit porn. Stop masturbation. - if u fail to do this step. Im sorry. You aren’t serious enough
  • study
  • gym, walk, run etc
  • socialize

I don’t think it’s true… I’m sure. Don’t you think she would tell my parents if she found out that I was jerking off to her almost every week ?

He actually meant a diff point which you missed. Hes warning you

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Women see everything!! That was his point