Not able to focus


That’s a pure off topic. Can anyone please suggest ways to sit for study. I mean sitting. I’m already doing hard excercises in morning all focus yogas and meditation from 6-8 months but I just can’t study. Even I used to masturbate 2-3 times a day but now I do it maybe after 7 days of an average. Whenever I sit to study I just start to do random things. Earlier my phone was a biggest distracter but now I’ve even stopped using phone. I don’t know what else’s I’m missing. Warriors please help me I need your support. I don’t know what’s going on with my life.


Its anxiety. have u tried medications such as SSRI? would def help


I understand it’s not easy because I struggle with it sometimes. Listening to classical music while studying can help.

Another thing you could do is set a timer for when you study. It’s probably best to set the timer for periods like 30 minutes than take a 10 minute break and then go back 30 minutes and then repeat.
There’s actually apps like Brain Focus Productivity Timer that help with this but you could also could just use your inbuilt clock app.


Start by putting to do list for you subjects before study
Divide the lessons into small topics and study each one separately


Also u can make studying easier by dealinh with it as a game in some subjects like math and science


Engage in some sports it really helps im concentration. Outdoor sports I meant