NoPornNoMasturbationforever's ( acarnegie743) Diary


Day 0 again. UPDATE- Total relapses
Jan- 7, Feb-7, March- 6, April- 4, May- 5, June- 2, July- 3 and August-2 :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: STOP IT!!:no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

First 4 months- Total relapses are 24.
Next 4 months- Total relapses are 14.
That’s quite an improvement. But you have limited time. Just overcome this habit once and for all.

Just reminding myself again:

1st rule- Early to bed and Early from bed. Stay active the whole day. Don’t take nap or fall asleep during day, under any circumstances. Build this habit. Now. Go to bed at 10:30 pm amd sleep by 11 pm at most. Get up from bed at 6 am.

2nd rule- Train your mind to think positive and your body to feel the same. Vibrate higher deliberately, consciously. If it becomes a habit, it just becomes the second nature. Breathe deeper and just be more relaxed, chilled. I have to just think about myself. If i can help myself first, i can help others too. So just think about myself first.

3rd rule- PMO is plain shit. Just remember that. It’s a sweet trap to bring utter self destruction to body, brain, mind and soul/spirit. Drop this. There’s nothing much there.

  1. Focus on your life goals. Don’t focus on “I won’t fap” rather on simply enjoying and making your life better everyday. For this reason i won’t be visiting this app very often. I will visit this app only on the last day of every month from now on, if i don’t relapse. And i hope i won’t. I will give my best. I will visit this app only on the last day of the month not before that.

  2. Don’t focus on girls. Please. It makes you lose your focus and it sexually stimulates you which causes you to fap sooner or later. Atleast till i complete 90 days and conquer my habit to pmo. What goes in, is what goes out. Now my ability to conquer or transmute my sexual energy is limited therefore atleast for the next 90 days don’t focus on girls or think about them. Just become a monk in spirit.

Please please please :pray::pray::pray: give up pmoing. This filth is the primary reason for all the major shits in my life- from the state of my body and health to the state of my mind as well as social life and achievements i can make. Please throw this garbage away into the dustbin. It may be a difficult journey but it’s worth it. So don’t fap again ever in your life. Enough is enough. It’s time to stop :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::triumph::triumph::triumph: and make the change :zap::zap::zap:


Ok. I’m trying hard for No-PMO and Rewire.


Maybe there are tons of shit I can’t control in my life.

I can’t control my thoughts and emotions yet.
I can’t expect everyone to be nice, generous, humble, understanding, and respectful towards me even if people from the high school and past campus have hurted me and treated me like shit for years.
I can’t even expect the electricity, device, and network to be 100% perfect and comfortable.
I can’t even expect the restaurant or the supermarket service to be perfect.
And it’s even harder to make gains and muscles, even if possible.
And I’ll probably make mistakes, even if in less rate than me in the past.


Whether I choose the path of PMO or the path of Rewiring is in my hands.

So I declare that I cut ties with PMO from now on, in the future, and forever. As a wise, talented, and an intellectual person. Forever.

Still, I gotta check this forum everyday in order to gain more wisdom.


I realized that you should not eat any fast food, no isolation a lot, staying busy with your mind and body exercise, not focusing on girls, waking up early and sleeping early, and cold showers is priority for the first week or 2. Because when an accident occurs for example, you don’t sleep on time when your on day 15, then you won’t relapse if you have your goal set and your mindset will change. My mindset changed because I realized that accidents happen. So if I dont sleep one day On time after 1 or 2 weeks. Then I won’t have a lot of urges because your foundations for the past 1 week or so was discipline. That’s in my experience.


But there will be fatal errors in exercises without professional help.
And girls’ smile and warmth are source of happiness so idk whether I can divert myself and my energy somewhere else.
And I am an introvert and have social anxiety so I don’t go out a lot.


Bro can I ask personal question ? How much you weigh and what exercise you do in No PMO and how much? I ask because I want to know what your doing. I have social anxiety to but when I started doing No PMO along with a discipline called exposure exercise. I started to feel a little comfortable in my uncomfortable zone. Exposure exercise is what I used and still am because i still have social anxiety. Its areas of your city or location where you just sit outside and just be yourself, or talking to a random person by just saying a simple Hi or good morning. On a train surrounded by people. Be in places where there is people. For beginners you don’t have to communicate to people if you don’t even know how to make small talk or make convo, just be there, it helps to read a book while your there. I forgot to say no phones. Lol. Yup. I am making a vid in the future about this and its a social experiment where I record everything I do.


64 kg. I used to lift. These days i am very busy. Got no time these days. But lifting is good both as a physical exercise and as a mental exercise.


Send me the link to your video. It woyld be mice to see you in person.


Day 0- Again. And i am starting one more time. Update:
Jan- 7 times
Feb- 7
March- 6
April- 4
May- 5
June- 2
July- 4
August- 2
September- 2. :no_entry_sign:
Let’s start again… I am quite depressed over my health and these relapses. But seeing this chart i think i have made great progres in my Nofap journey. Don’t give up. I know i will make it this time :blush::blush: Peace. :white_flag::white_flag::white_flag: Victory will be mine. God give me the strength and wisdom to do this!!!


Day 1
I now have pronounced myself dead to No PMO meaning even if I feel tired in No PMO I shall be tired then but as long as I am taking care of myself etc…I must be conquerer. No thinking of woman but focusing on being manly. :muscle:


Day 0 again. Relapsed after 4 days.
Jan- 7 times
Feb- 7
March- 6
April- 4
May- 5
June- 2
July- 4
August- 2
September- 3. :no_entry_sign: :cry:
From now i will update my status every morning here, basically reminding myself of the benefits of nofap and harmful consequences of pmoing. To hammer deep into my mind my goal of quitting this addiction and complete 90 days Nofap for once. Last time this trick worked. It helped me complete 29 days. But i somehow became complacent and then failed. So here is my today’s status:
PMO makes you weak- both physically and mentally. Pmo makes you weak and suffer in life. Give up pmoing. There’s really not much there except for few seconds pleasures and then regret and loss of vitality and your power for days to come. Let’s start once again. #90daysthistime


You can do it! Also try updating every night too before sleeping. It did work for me. I always chant some mantra that I make whenever I wake up and before going to sleep.Whenever urges or boredom comes I did open this app and just read thread, inspiration etc. It will not go away immediately sometimes it will take hours (I think yon know that already) just stand your ground. Just imagine again the victory when you pass that critical moment again. “This too shall pass”- a mantra that I read in forum or message board here. It did also help me a lot of times.

Being complacent is really a great danger, it’s a one step to the trap. I hope you’ll find ways that will work for you and make your streaks again.


Thanks man for your valuable suggestion and encouragement. #90days


Day 1: Life begins after Nofap


What video? What channel? I’m curious.


Day 0 again
But this time I shall reach 1000+ days.
I can do this!!! Just by channeling the energy somewhere else and boom… the urge subsides!!! Yeah!!!


Day 2: For 2% momentary pleasure, why go through 98% pain. Pmo destroys everything. Never do pmo again. It brings nothing but destroys everything. I am going through lots ofnpain in the body.


I think you need to give that pain some attention. After that you can regroup and try again. PMO really does destroy everything.

If you take it one day at a time I’m sure you’ll build up a good streak.


Day 3: Pmo lifestyle is pure hell. Nofap is my religion, my way of life. Say No more to pmo.


Day 4: One of the first benefits of Nofap is that it heals you. It helps you in getting back your health. Pmo destroys the body more than alcohol, cigarette, tobacco or mental stress can ever do.