NoPornNoMasturbationforever's ( acarnegie743) Diary


Day 21- it’s a wonderful day for me. Today i felt like a celebrity. Girls were almost throwing themselves over at me. Initiating talks and just trying to come closer to me. I also appeared for an interview today. I am not sure that i would be selected or not because there are so many other factors involved. But today my brain was atleast working fast and fluently after so many days. I think i even impressed the interviewers but i don’t really know about that. Moreover, today i have unlocked the DUKE badge for the first time in 2018 :sweat_smile:. Nofap is my religion!


Day 23: I find myself laughing more these days. My brain is also working these days :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I am not completely a new man but i am feeling better in general. I am not exchanging this with any pmo whatsoever. I just can’t. It’s literally a Do or Die situation time for me. Looking forward to Day 30!!



Nofap Benefits n
PMO Consequences.
Whom do you choose?? Always remember that!


Day 26: I have been feeling very energetic and driven these days. I am also more cheerful. I laugh more these days amidst all the stress amd pressure. It’s great.
But there are so many temptations everywhere. Every, most aspect of our society has been very much sexualised. Even comedy shows aren’t pure and innocent anymore. But i won’t let these outward things decide my fate. I am in charge of myself, my thoughts and the actions i take.


Day 29- Right now my brain is again trying to rationalise doing pmo. Actually today i am feeling very tired. My brain is craving for some dopamine rush and fun. But i won’t be able to bear the relapse and regret, if i pmo. Too much is at stake. I will go through this discomfort head-on. :ox::ox:


Bro your doing great. Keep going. Don’t stop. No pain no gain. It will become easier the longer your in.


Today is a difficult one. These thoights aren’t leaving away…


Hang in there, these thoughts will go away eventually. You’ve got a good Streak going and I know you won’t give in. The reward is worth it in the end.


Bro. You have to occupy yourself with other things to distract mind from back thoughts. Do something proactive like exercise. Do some math or reading.


DAY 0: Now, I WILL BE BACK ONLY AFTER DAY 30 AGAIN. Shit!!! Lost my 29 days streak. It was my best in 2018. I will come back again, better and stronger. HARD MODE AGAIN.
April- 4
May- 5
June- 2
July- 5
August- 1

Total: 37 Relapses/Failures. I will write again only after i have reached Day 30. Not before that. It was a nice experience though. I almost reached Day 30 :joy::neutral_face:. I experienced the real benefits of Nofap, specially after Day 21. I will be doing Nofap again- the hard mode. Today i just lost the duel straightforward to pmo. The urge was very strong and persistent and i was not prepared for that. But i have learned my lesson.


Bro feeling tragic… pmo suddenly overwhelmed me. Lost mu 29 days streak :tired_face::tired_face:


Bro. Don’t feel bad. Try to think positive. Think what you could have done better and what you can do. You should have a change of mind and be busy with your passions. That way you won’t fall back. That’s the trick.


I will open this app only after i complete 30 days nofap challenge.
I relapsed for the same 3 reasons and the lesson i have learned again is what i had already learned. The only problem is that i didn’t implememt those lessons dedicatedly enough. That’s it. The same reasons and the same lessons. Nothing new here. I just have to follow them more dedicatedly which i didn’t. And hence today i relapsed. Otherwise within a few hours i would have reached Day 30. Sigh!


Thanks bro. I wish you the best too. Let’s reach day 30 together and more this time.


Its all about consistency man. I myself am trying to limit phone use and headphone use. That way i can focus completely on being productive. You should do the same. Dont Think negative. Always motivate yourself and tell yourself everyday that “even though it seems hard, I will get through it. And I will be an overcomer.” Be the strong man you should be. I will be glad to go past 30 days. I won’t count days because it can make me procrastinate. So instead I will just be proactive and focus on my life goals instead. Also you should have a journal where you write how you feel everyday. I do that. I will also not come here within a week. Then I will come back and write in my diary. Then go away for a week again. I think if you are in this app a lot it might become unhelpful since your not being proactive. Rather than taking advices from app and people helping you which is good"I agree". You should focus on putting action to the methods you plan to use to defeat addiction.


How about if we don’t know our goals?


Take it easy bro. Life’s hard and life’s just getting harder and more sucks, so no wonder we keep relapsing over and over.


What if we are uncertain and/or we don’t know our life goals?


Thanks man. Btw i have specified my goals of 90 days… you can fondit in page 1 of the diary.


Well if you dont know life goals or are find your life goals then that should be your focus while in NO PMO. to find your purpose and life goals and see what makes you happy and passionate. Explore yourself.