NoPornNoMasturbationforever's ( acarnegie743) Diary


Yeah I can join 30 days challenge. When was challenge posted ? Yeah man, lets go through the river of doubts and through the valley of pain in order to become super man. Not just man.


Day 4

I am becoming much more aware of my actions. Yesterday had a weird friend over and because of his personality he warches hentai. And was about to watch it over in my house, but luckily he didn’t do that. You see how in NoFab you must stay aware at all times? Its a battle in sleep and in wake. Staying strong is key. Will exercise, eat right, try doing some math trigonometry. Or drawing.


Day 5: Let’s do it! No looking back. Nofap triumphs.


Day 3: indeed we can do this man. Just fight the good fight.


Comrade! Watch my back and i shall your’s.


Day 7: feeling good today. Experiencing moderate level of energy.


Day 10- i have reached Day 10+ for the 8th time in 2018 and for 7th time after using this app. Now i need to be more vigilant. I will complete 90 days Nofap the hard mode challenge this time. 80 more days to go. I have had enough. But even now sometimes my brain tries to trick me to watch those filth with ridiculous excuses. But i mustn’t listen to those lame excuses and stay strong to my principles and commitment. At the same time, my attraction towards those filthy activities has subsumed a lot. I have been often wondering how the heck did i enjoyed watching and enacting those filths. It’s really disgusting. Watching porn, specially if one can’t get rid of it at will, is the symptom of a sick mind. But of course anything can be made ‘normalised’. The sooner the remnants of this filth get out of my system the better off my life would be. I must stick to the plan and complete this 90 days challenge this time. 80 days to go…feeling excited.


Feeling very lethargic and fatigued despite not doing much physically. Mentally yeah i have been studying a lot. But dunno, i think i am experiencing Withdrawal symptoms now. Hope this is cured as soon as possible. I think i must be exercising again specially ruñning in early morning.


Day 6 now

I am here trying to get busy all the time day time and night. No matter what and try to get myself out of the porn habit.


Day 13- I just slapped a man so hard who was trying to maliciously humiliate me in public. May be i was wrong. Or i did the right thing i don’t really know. But the lesson is that i felt so powerful at that moment. Though i am far from being at my best, i felt that my aura was powerful enough to deter any non engaging actors to make unnecessary intervention. I later asked for his forgiveness and the case is closed. I think he deserved the slap anyway but i am sorry for that. The lesson learnt from this brief engagement is that Nofap really makes you powerful. Nofap is just awesome. I am not returning back to hell.


I think that went a bit too far


I hope Nofap will help me to be a better man than that.


Hey. You should meditate or calm your mind when symptoms of aggression start to take place. I have had mood swings myself happen, but it slowly goes away. At least in the 21 days I completed last time. This time I am aiming for 50 days then 90 days. So on…


Yeah same here. It happened just today man.


Day 15. I am a Chancellor now. It’s quite a great achievement for me. The feeling of accomplishment will be addicting.
Reminder: Focus on living/building your life and remain committed to the cause and one will definitely succeed.


Dear, u have a great dairy here… I really hope we’ll 4 u, try hard bro, don’t give up and remember failure is not falling down, it’s staying down… Don’t give up! @acarnegie743


Hey dude, great diary, I’m seeing parts of myself in it and feeling inspired.

I’ve came to the same conclusion that pmo is a symptom, not root cause.
I’d discovered that last year while living in different environment for a few months.

My sharing code is 098993a
Male 35 UK.
Biggest streak is 10 days,
At 0 today


More power to ur elbow bro… Remember when u hit 0, the next direction is up!.. So encouraged @Aoshigreen


Hello! Thanks for that. Mu code is 79b786.


Day 18- Day 17 was my best streak in 2018. Today i have created a new record and so happy to unlock the Star badge for the first time in the year. Blessed! Just NEVER AGAIN TO pmo…