NoPMO isn't all Sunshine and Rainbows

Recovery can be an ugly thing. A lot of us are promised that upon taking this journey on we will be blessed with an easy joyful life. This simply is not the case. A lot of what this journey is about is struggle, fighting everyday sometimes, withdrawal, and hardship. At the end of it expect an amazing life, but during recovery (some of us should) expect the opposite. Expect to struggle with your demons, expect to struggle with urges. Withdrawal is a real thing. Even within the first week of nofap those initial urges of withdrawal get a lot of people. All the way until 3 months (and even longer for some) expect your brain and body to struggle against yourself. A lot of us were told that nofap is all about benefits with little spoken about how hard it really is. Expect your demons to come up and want a fight with you. Expect a month full of urges, expect a weekend of depression, expect triggers all over. In my opinion your motivation should not be those intial benefits of nopmo. If they are then it’s easy not to look forward at the true end goal which will cause you to continue to cycle in your addiction.

For some of us it’s a bit easier and that may be due to less of an addiction. But for a lot of us here we struggle hard not really realizing that we aren’t prepared to fight the fight due to expecting this journey to be easy and all about benefits. Those intial benefits of energy and confidence are usually due to semen retention, but once the brain flips the switch that says “hey, s/he isn’t procreating anymore. S/he needs to procreate!” Then my friend it’s your will against nature.

So I want to propose a new outlook to you all. Expect intial benefits yes, but even more so you should expect struggle. If you expect that then you can prepare properly and ultimately beat this. Good luck and may God help us all to conquer this. At the end of this all it will all be worth it.


Very inspiring words brother @Sacred. Each word you said is true. Only when I accepted the struggle and pain withdrawals give, I got the power to really fight this addiction. As someone said: only through struggles and hardwork we’ll achieve our goal brother. Only a powerful mind with powerful attitude can beat this addiction.


Wow man true article. Sometimes I find very phony articles here who try to motivate us by telling all the worthless benefits such as woman will look at you differently, they will smile at you …

We actually should focus on the why . It can be different for everyone but should not be in any case be women . Because then relapse is guaranteed . Pmo needs to have a strong reason for doing it . Or else we will fail . I’m here to improve my mental and physical condition and i wont ever go back to the place i came from again . Thats my why and i hope everyone thinks about their WHY . And we need more articles like these.


Well Said! This is war, guys. War is hard. War is emotionally distressing. It fights you day and night. It fights you when you are tired, and when you are rested.

But God is Faithful! He gives us the armor and strength to fight night and day. With God, anything is possible. With God, the burden of fighting will lighten because of His great power.

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No fap is by far one of the hardest things that I have ever done for myself. It is the path of most resistance and porn is the path of least resistance. It takes your 100% day after day to be successful in this journey. Thank you for bringing this insight for beginners :raised_hands:t4: