Nofriend's Secret technique to get your power back which you wasted in Fapping

Welcome my name is IhavenoFriends,

Today I will give you a trick which I used to get my power back.

Before sleeping do anulom vilom,after sleep in morning do pranayam.

It will nourish your semen in your whole body.


what benefit you got from anulom vilom and which pranayam you do in morning ?

Thanks for the gift bro :heart:

Can someone tell me what the heck is prayanam? I’ve been seeing that a lot in the post. I’ll appreciate it.

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Hello brother…
Pranayama is a part of yoga.
It is a very wide knowledge, a complete lifestyle.

Yo can check a little about it here.

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The whole powe is secreted in your anus chakra because of fapping,of you this exercise it will again spread on your whole body.

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I see, you have my thanks

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ya, it restores awareness and prana in system. note prana is different than oxygen.