Nofp Challenge 7,15,30days

Let’s start the challenge :men_wrestling:

Either 7days/15days/30days
Or any days.

Anybody can challenge me.


My share code: gr605r

So, I will be honest here to tell you guys,if i relapse.

If I am going wrong lemme know…

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I challenge you Buddy… let’s make it for 15days

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Okay then @Shahidsri
We have 15days challenge(challenge starts now)

We must not do these things:-

  • Don’t check any explicit content --> No nude images/gif/videos intentionally.
  • no touching your D* (exception for pee)


  • everyday check in (clean/relapses)
  • if you need help anytime mesg me here.

May God give me strength to complete this challenge.
You too brother

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How can l join because l am new here​:pray::pray::pray:


@sakshi11 just find your companion(it can be anyone) and challenge him/her for xxdays.

  • You can make your own rules
    So that you can go with ease ---->Don’t/Do’s

Let’s challenge for 10 days… @sakshi11 28 sep to 7th Oct.

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