[Nofapwarrior] Unfuck yourself - My nofap Diary 🧿

Hello brothers,
I am new and using this kind of app for fisrt time. I want to share my experience regarding no fap because it will make me relief and I hope it will definitely help us all to grow more and more stronger day by day. So, I am the person who loves to do gym and maintain a good physique but because of this addiction I am helpless do achieve my goal body. Before I tried to maintain the streak for 2 months but because of this lockdown I was so free that their was nothing to do and that lead me to follow this porn and fap addiction again…and now I do not go to gym and Masturbate everyday as a daily chores. I feel very weak from inside and my mental health is also affecting by this. I really want to get rid of this. I have seen each and every video on No fap and nothing worked. But from Now (1 OCT 2020) I will pray to god that everything will be like before and I will be stronger than before unlike now. Guys please uplift each other everyday day because this is very serious issue, usually people make fun of Masturbation and preach us that “we do it everyday bro and nothing happened to us” Guys do not fall for this because from inside we all know the truth…It is making us hollow from inside and it is so so precious for our body. So, I will write more often to support you guys and to motivate me also to not to do this. Thank you Guys for being cooperative.

Name : Deepak Chaudhary
Age : 21
Add me : w8dkst
Occupation: MBA Student
Day 1 and Counting :pray:


I’m with you
Age 20
Day 79

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