Nofapstar's Journey to enlightenment!


Recovery phase … Soon everything will be alright :pray:t2:


And 7 months past in mbbs. Still trying to find the balance
I should be grateful to everything.
Starting another time.


Nice keep it up. Good to see you


Can someone help me make a good diet plan for a hosteller?
I need one for breakfast and evening snack! And it should be healthy and easily available!
I bought an induction to make food for myself as our hostel provides shit.
I am quitting junk food( not to mention that i have been taking lots of junk from the past few months and it will definately lead to complications in future) not completely but i will take junk food once a week.

I have been skipping breakfast for more over 2 months and it has taken a toll over my body!
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Need help


I’ve been a hostelite for last 5 years of my life and i can understand. You are expected to get a heavy+healthy breakfast to keep you boosted through the day, but, to be honest, it’s not possible in hostel. Even i used to skip breakfast to attend college, or sometimes used to Poha or junk.

For breakfast you can eat bananas/ sprouts kept overnight in water/ can prepare quick sandwiches in the morning.
You can eat 2 boiled eggs daily, can be morning or evening.
Try to avoid junk snacks during the evening.
Keep your diet high on protein. Eat chicken once a week (if you are a non-vegetarian)
Hostel life means lot of expenses. But don’t compromiseon eating healthy. Don’t think of money infront of yout health.


A lot of people in my hostel used to keep bread and peanut butter in their room.
Some even had mayyonaise.
Just order a pack of peanut butter, keep it in your room, and bread you can buy on regular basis from anywhere nearby. Evening snack you can have Fruits, easy choice, you can buy them anywhere.

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We are all together with you in this journey.
We all are in the same page with the same objective and same challenges
Lets help out each other and make it happen.
Stay strong :muscle:


I was going to say bananas(+ peanut butter if you want, but it can be a very heavy food). But everyone has given you a better advice.

Banana and groundnut, The Secret Weapon For Men - Fekomi Herbals.


Today we have family adoption programme!!! Excited for this :grinning::grinning:


Feeling slight temptations today


Stay Strong buddy :muscle:
Think about the after process think imagine that you have relapsed you know how shit it feels
Think and imagine more the pleasure is just of few seconds (The moment of ejaculation), as soon as you ejaculate you will start regretting
So, Beat the first thought brother
Tell your mind its not worth it to fck up all the progress over just few seconds of pleasure
And the progress you will cherish it for the rest of your life because soon the pleasure seeking mindset will lose, and willpower will be built and Soon Nofap will become a lifestyle :fist_right: :100:

Stay Strong bro we are together in this :muscle:
If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win. The only way to win is to fight !

Tatakae, Tatakae :fire:


Day 0
Again i have to restart !
I will keep going untill i win against this battle!


The battle is even bigger now, temptations are always there in this journey . Even the smallest triggers can cost me one relapse. That is why i have decided to stay away from instagram and youtube shorts as well.
Without the help of God its impossible for me to get through. I will read geeta everyday from now on.


Bro I wish you’d be assured that you have a choice to quit, there’s no addiction to fight, no urges to fight. Recall the first time you PMO, was it that you felt disgusted and shameful? That means you genuinely don’t want it in your heart. Imagine you see one guy can’t help but rush to toilet and fap! How would you feel towards that guy?! You must feel he is pitiful and shameful. So you know deep inside that you don’t like it, and the choice is yours. So there’s no battle at all, the moment you genuinely feel disgusted about it, you already win. Not to mention the countless benefits of noPMO. You’re free now, your bright future is in front of you :sunglasses:


Bro :rofl:


This is a powerful visualization :laughing: whenever I have craving I visualize this, and my craving vanishes. How disgusting it is!


So today i did reflect on myself after many days…
And i understand from where my lack of self confidence is originating!
The reason is: not keeping my promises
Over the years, not doing what i say i would do has made me underconfiedent. I have to be a man of my words.
Second reason is i am underweight!
Third reason is i have a very negative self image about myself.
Fourth reason is my past experiences!

I have recognised them all. And i have decided to take full action in those areas!
I will start by small achievable goals and gain trust in myself
Each and every relapse led to decrement of my self confidence. I will stay strict to my plans!

Peace out!


Instagram is full of β– β– β– β– .

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