Nofap worth it !πŸ˜€

Hello guys i hope everyone be happy i know some of you think this challenge is just a challenge. But no is the way to change your life.
I finish 100 days and i will move forward so my benefits is : i can now speak to everyone looking them on their eyes speak fluently and can take a desicion. So what yours benefits guys ??


28M,99 days…


  1. Happy with myself as I quit PMO, No more bad habits.
  2. Confident as I let go of something thats super hard.
  3. No guilt as I am not doing it multiple times a day
  4. Lot of free time as I am not wasting that on porn
  5. Lot of energy, as I am not wasting on fapping
  6. No brain fog as my dopamine levels are returning to normal
  7. Can look forward in life finally, instead of being stuck in a loop of P and M.
  8. Less anxiety as the worry of being over P and M is gone…
  9. Plenty of time to focus on the important things, like studies.
  10. Much more stronger desire to workout and get healthy.

So is mine :raised_hands::raised_hands: let do this :muscle::muscle:

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