Nofap works for real - No doubt

I remember the day when I had relapsed,the next two followed up days,I couldn’t able to jog my usual times, moreover couldn’t do any workout. I was hell as exhausted after 10 minutes. Today at my day 15,I had jogged for 1 hour,even then I was having enough energy to do workout immediately. One more thing I noticed today is that where I run,there are lot of ladies,most of them are married while some of them are probably of my age. I observed that they were giving me strange eye contact as if I’m a foreigner to them. One girl even tried to initiate conversation with me,but I was least interested as I immediately want to finish morning rituals and start my day

Fuck bro ,it works. Nofap works.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:, Nofap doesn’t make you a chick Magnet . Those people who never do PMO , then all girls would have been with them .

It’s all your imagination… Nofap just heals your dopamine receptors and gives energy and confidence that is referred as powers by some people …

Nofap Powers doesn’t mean that it will make you a Magnet and Real superpowers.:joy:


What lol :rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy: l think your sense of humor going too far brother @Dean_Ambrose


I’m telling fact , if someone is at day 100 this means all girls will start staring at him and will try to talk to him … it’s not the case :joy:


I was jogging every day for the past month but then I took a break for about 3 days , and relapsed about 5 times , man it fucked up my stamina , Nofap definitely works . And don’t take a break from jogging, keep giving your brain the dopamine through exercise , that break from jogging caused my relapse .


Yeah probably it is normal for girls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: to stare at some good looking dude as men do stare at good locking woman.

Probably I didn’t pay much attention earlier,after nofap I was expecting to be chick magnet

No we don’t…


You are too horny arent you??
First complete nofap . Then talk shit…


I’m sorry to say , but your thinking is typical of a person who commits crime …


Why sorry to say. These people are shit.
No excuses…


Maybe you were looking creep that’s why they were staring at you …

You really don’t know how to respect and talk to women…


Hey brother @Roads_to_purity yess your type of men’s seen the women or girl’s as object they always stare a women on the road girls or women feel unsafe when you stare a women . I think all the girls faces this situation when they are going to works,. And l. Also feel unsafe sometimes when some creepy boys are stare on you feel like unsafe and scared. Because of your types if boys women are unsafe.


Hey listen, that’s too much

I don’t stare at woman in creepy way first of all, it’s only when a girl look back at me,I look at them.

I just asked you in joking mood. Moreover, don’t bring my mom and sister into this conversation. Did I bring your dad into this conversation? Limit this conversation between me and yourself. Don’t bring any family member…

I had a good mood today, that’s why I was jokingly saying all these.

I know myself what value do I have. At least I’m far better than most guys here in terms of addiction.

I know how to respect woman,and have been known as a good jolly boy by my female friends. Yes I had joked with them and asking relationships related stuffs,but they never blame as creepy dude .

Mind your tongue, don’t force me to open up my mouth. If you do,either you will leave yourself this forum or I will get blocked


Your worth isn’t decided by these worthless keyboard warriors.

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@Roads_to_purity You will be blocked if you continue to do stunt like that. It’s inappropriate to ask a stranger women this kind of question. She is not your friend. Everyone calls her sister here. Do you ask your sister this kind of questions?

@Yash21 This place is not to act alpha. Do it in real life if you want to be so called alpha.


Bro I didn’t ask her in the first place,the way she had replied to my post had made me ask her. That too I wasn’t seriously seeking her advise. I was jokingly asking her. But then she bought up nonsense things in our conversation

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Moreover as a girl,she is herself very different from usual girls. Girls I know who are my friends, don’t watch porn or are addicted as such she is.

She is herself addicted and yet ironically she is here judging me

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She isn’t replied in any particular way. She just pointed out the fact How fool boys are they always misinterpret things. And it’s true. Don’t read more than necessary.
Also yeah she wasn’t talking to you.

She is fine brother. You are living in different world. She isn’t different than usual girls. You just don’t know enough women.

tenor (54)


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:they are girls not metals and you are a ordinary person not a superhuman :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:
All credit goes to the author who made this story…great respect for you