Nofap, the journey begins again

I started nofap (1 Dec)to have a clean 30 days streak before the new year.I pmoed for months…3-4 M a DAY with porn… Today is the third day of nofap hardmode and I ALREADY have headaches, a lot of precum, lucid dreams, sexual thoughts that I can’t control since I’m in a sleep state… What’s going on…I’m not going to relapse since I have sa strong reason not too… But I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep making progress with all these sexual thoughts and precum.
Notice:I had very big streaks all those years…


Survive bro, you can do it!! don’t be like me, i said that on december 1st my rewire path was officially starting but failed dramatically.

Kill those urges and survive :boom:


Let’s do this together bro!

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Keep your mind occupied with hobbies and goals you want to achiev in life.
It will get your mind off nofap, time will just pass easyer


Bro, its normal to have those effects especially when there is a rapid decrease in dopamine levels. While you are facing those side effects, do know that its very normal…

Our brain releases certain amount of dopamine, which is happy chemical. But when we add masturbation, or any other addiction on top of natural dopamine for a longer time, our brain doesn’t know whats normal anymore so it keeps seeking a higher amount of dopamine… When we quit, we create dopamine imbalance as our dopamine level reaches all time low. So urges are our body cravings and the side effects are a sign of our body resetting itself which includes dreams or headaches or unhappiness etc. To be honest, our body is equipped to deal with anything. Its like an auto pilot. All we need is, to sit and watch while our body resets itself.

Know that those side effects are a good sign, that our body returning to normal state… So dont be alarmed. Focus yourself on something else and decide strongly that you will face anything that happens, any urge or any side effect… Sooner or later, your brain will reach to normal dopamine level and you dont need any external drug to stimulate more and you will be without side effects and the urges get easier to handle.

Patience is key… The ones with patience will definitely conquer…

Patience and fortitude conquer all things. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


brother you think drug use stops progress on nofap or doesn’t matter

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Do you know that its easy to replace one addiction with another? U might not even feel many side effects, quitting is super easy. If you use drugs, you might have already known that. Because we are already supplying dopamine, just the level of that supply should be high enough as before…Just changed the way we are supplying… But physical effects may come a bit, due to body’s dependency, but its not too much to handle.

So with that being said, Answer is yes and no… You can get out of the feeling of wanting to watch porn, or wanting to masturbate. But other than that, no other benefit, because you are still dopamine dependent. My suggestion is, find a way to get out of both your drug addiction and PMO… Ultimately, this journey is to get better bro… To be a best version of yourself.

I quit cigarettes bro, cold turkey, I used to smoke 25 a day… And along with cigs, I quit another addiction, lot worse than cigs, and I used to do lot of it a day. Quit both at once and i waited, just went through all the physical and mental side effects… I know how hard it is to quit… But trust me, sooner you do it, the better… We dont know what kind of effects drugs has on our body, it differs from person to person, cant predict… we might get into some mental issues (trust me physical ones are a lot better, if we cant even control our head, its super worse) we might get into a physical issues that will effect our way of life… Some people I know has ED so… Is all of that worth it? Some people quit because they have a negative reaction, like me and its too late by then… If I had quit just a day before, I would have saved myself 5 years of struggle.

Most people would hate if others tell them to quit. So, sorry if you feel that way. Just wanted to give you my opinion from my experience.

Good luck!!


I don’t smoke
I don’t drink
I don’t drink caffeine
I eat healthy
I workout 2 hours a day for 6/7
I limited my phonenusage to 2-3 hours max
I stopped pmo AGAIN
I don’t have a drug… I just need time… One year in particular


Thank you very much brothers for your guidance and support in this tough battle it is a blessing to have you


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Woke up today to a big erection, and a lot of precum… Like… A lot… I can’t deny that my mind played tricks again and had sexual thoughts … I couldn’t get up or do something to get my mind of it because it was 6pm in the morning… But the good thing it’s that when I fully control my self(not half asleep) I don’t have any thoughts…

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