NoFap Ted Talk ideas

I’m thinking about giving a talk on NoFap at my university’s local Ted Talk. I have my own ideas about what i would like to talk about but i need some different perspectives, cause its never a bad thing. What would you guys talk about, mention or wouldn’t leave out if you would have to talk about this lifestyle publicly? Drop you suggetions here :hugs: :arrow_down::arrow_down:


This is a very great idea! And it needs a lot of heroism! So congrats!
I think the most frequent question is “why?”. This is so important, but probably they would not understand that.
But if you would try to show the pros of doing nofap, and the cons of not doing it, it maybe could be more shocking and interesting.
But this was just an idea… I think it is a lot more important to have your own ideas, and expose to others!
Keep up! Stay motivated! :slight_smile:
(And don’t forget to record your show somehow;) )


That sounds incredible! Very good on you my man, hope we get to see the talk!

One key point is the damage that the addiction does to people who are unaware they are addicted. People could be experiencing depression, shame, social anxiety and other symptoms like aggravated ADHD without making the connection that pornography is behind many of their problems. The benefits and changes people see after quitting are unbelievable.


Great idea. If I were to talk about nofap I’d talk about it in a way that everyone could understand, not just the sufferers of the negative effects of pmo. So I’d put a big focus on how our bodies just aren’t adapt to handle the novelty of porn use. I’d show how men/women originally only had a few partners if that in a lifetime and how this novelty of new partners on a screen effect the brain to the point where it brings chemical imbalances and mental health issues. Goodluck if you do go through with the ted talk!



I honestly thank you for your suggetions about the TED Talk on NF. @kazmer1998 @Forerunner @edward.escamilla You are the best.

I tell you my dilemma: i can do this talk two ways:

  1. I put up the science to the charts like: dopamine receptor damages, deathgrip, erectile disfunction, etc.
    The problem with that is that it’s a uni TED talk, so there will be people who knows much more about neuroscience than i do, and i end up being ridiculed, and something that i cannot explain in its full length and NoFap ends up looking like pseudo-science

  2. I talk about my story: heavy user with erectile disfunction, the way i got into the stuff, living the life of a recovery
    ing addict, my journey through NF to self-developement, and the lifestyle that me and thousands of people live around the world, so the community itself.
    Problem with that is that i end up being look like a “unique case”.
    They will say: “poor guy couldn’t get it hard unless watchimg extreme stuff, but he’s doing better. Good for him. Let’s go home and eat pizza.”

My ultimate goal that people sitting there end up realizing that “damn there’s more to this stuff. I might have problems as well. Let’s research the stuff that this ricky was talking about…”


Ah, I see the problem. That’s tricky.

What I’d suggest is finding a way to combine the two - start off with your personal story, and then go into the studies and science that back it up. The studies will strike home for some, while your story will resonate with others and have them reflect on their own experiences.

I wouldn’t worry too much about not knowing enough of the science - Gary Wilson’s TED talk was a game changer and he’s not a neuroscientist either. Some people will always try to pick holes in this area - almost everything in the outside world suggests that pornography and masturbation are perfectly healthy - but you’ll reach the ones who need to hear the message.


Great idea altogether man! Please let us know where we can find the video if you and when you do it.

Personally, if I were to go up there, I wouldn’t talk too much about the science. I might allude to the possibility of some research coming out, but make your emphasis on your story and the story of others here. I think if you focus on the collective similarities between all of our stories and talk about the number of people who are joining NoFap and have joined who all have the same issue, that might help to get out of the “unique case” situation. You are welcome to use my story specifically if you would like to add details about other’s stories other than yours.

From reading your post I can see that your goal is to hopefully show people that this is a problem or that it at least has some merit worth discussing. However, I think that focusing on the science behind it is going to end up making you lose your audience when the critics start complaining. Since this is kind of a fringe movement right now, I don’t think people are going to be as willing to listen to you especially if you don’t have some sort of reputation. In my opinion, I think it is always better to err on the side of caution and just be honest about your own knowledge of what you have experienced and others on here.

I think in that way, you may still not change the critics’ minds, but that wasn’t really an option anyway considering where we are culturally in discussing this topic. But I do think in this way you will have a better potential of reaching those who aren’t sure, those that are curious, or those that are having problems but couldn’t pinpoint them.

People can argue research all day, but they can’t argue against your experience.

But again this is just my personal opinion. Take it as you will. Hopefully it at least gives you a different perspective on the speech.

I wish you all the best in whatever route you take!


You guys are seriously the best. Thank you for the suggestions! Will have to put up a draft before i apply for the talk.
And i have to take a deep breath as well :grinning: i have no problem with public speaking, not even in a foreign language. But chating here in a forum more or less anonymously and getting in front of a lot of people and openly talk about this… well i think we all can imagine that’s another level.
I feel that this is something i have to do. Spreading awareness or just shine a light on my journey and on a lot of other people’s journey might inspire others as well.
(Plus im so high on my streak i feel i can tackle the world boiii haha)
I will keep you guys updated about the project!


I didn’t read yet what the others wrote above, I just want to write my own opinion.
I think, you can merge the two. The way is to that is to find some problem (maybe it’s deep) what almost every person has, and it can belongs to PMO.

  1. If you start with this, everyone can see inside themselves, and your speech could be more effective to them.
  2. Then you can tell your story about the problem, and maybe make a conclusion.
  3. And after all, you can tell them why is this happening (some biologics things).
  4. Then you can give some advice, and tell them what’s positive for you, and so on.

I hope it is clear for you!:slight_smile:


You’re probably right about wanting to share your own story. While it’d probably not synchronize with the everyday person it would synchronize 100x deeper with someone struggling with pmo. This is probably your best bet since like you said, you have no credentials in the neurological area. While you could learn it, people might not take you as serious without serious years of study behind you.
Instead you could probably just mention that there are numerous studies showing changes in the brain like other addictions, and that these changes can cause mental illnesses (without going into too much detail.) But that’s just what I’d do. Lol :+1: