Nofap is necessary, but not sufficient

There is a common missconception among people that NoFap will give them everything there is to achieve, that NoFap will somehow increase their life standard, that NoFap will help them ask whichever girl they wanna ask out etc. Well, I am sorry to break the illusion, but it doesn’t work like that. Consider this. Fitness is a necessity for any sport. Without fitness, a sportsperson will always struggle with their performance. But there are many who are fit AF but can’t play shit. Why is that. Although fitness being a necessary requirement, one also needs training, skill development, practice over and over again, while maintaining the fitness. Nobody can expect a bodybuilder to play better football then Messi (P.S.:- Messi is better than Ronaldo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Most of the people who relapse, they think nofap will automatically change their lives and will make them the king. But to be a king, you have to learn the discipline, learn how to rule, learn how to fight. Don’t think nofap will give you achievements. It will surely help to you to achieve what you want. But other changes in life are very important to support this energy that we fill with nofap or all that energy will be converted into negative energy and we will ultimately end up harming ourselves.
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I agree with everything you said expect for the part where you said mess is better than ronlado, well sorry to break your illusion my friend but you’re wrong. :slight_smile:


Can’t agree more with you man!!
Just that Messi part- I guess both have different way of playing and both are legends in their respective ways…:yum:

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Oh… hence the insane urges… due to lack of productivity…
(Day 6 btw)


well what can we do with the urges I try to just dp something else like watch shows pr playing games but sometimes, it’s just too difficult to ignore the urges btw my 33rd day is about to start

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I was wondering about starting an accountability group where we would have personal productivity goals besides nofap. It shall give us something more to do on the forum than just pondering about nofap and enhance overall personality development. I believe, it would significantly decrease the relapse rate too.(devil finds work for idle hands to do)
Moreover, I would be more than happy if somebody picks up the idea. Anyone? Let me know about your thoughts on the topic brothers.


I was reading the messages and I was interested in what you wrote. I agree with you, but I would like to make a reservation.
Only the gym is not enough. It has to be a new life project. At least, I think so. I say this, because I have already talked to many other guys of different ages, and even if they attended the gym, they continued to fall into temptation. There was one that said he was already so strong that it looked like the Hulk, but he was still the same.

What I always advise, if I may, is the search for a treatment with a psychologist. Helps a lot.
Good night, guys


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Yes, physical training is not sufficient either. One has to mentally train themselves to completely conquer this addiction. For that, we can do yoga, meditation, spiritual journey etc. Going to a shrink might help, if the urges are too insane even after 100 days of nofap. But, I don’t one needs them if they regularly keep themselves busy and not give fapping much thought.
(From my own experience of 43 days nofap, I am much calmer now, hardly face urges and trying to bring balance to my life again)

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I can agree with that to a degree. I believe nofap will give us confidence to want to achieve our goals. However you’re absolutely right when you say we have to keep fighting and learn to live like a king. The confidence and good feeling we get from nofap is a bonus to the constant fight.


NoFap gives that much energy as you can spend your time in productive way. So I think that’s is mainly nofap that changes life into wonder. Discipline is just an addition, obvious consequence.


Our mentality on nofap has to be different. We must stop fantasizing and focus on our life. Exercise is important, because it gives us a way to relieve stress (better than fapping).

Ultimately I think nofap is about finding a balance in life and having a healthy way to deal with urges & triggers.


You’re all right. I just wrote that, because I was already part of a bunch of guys with that kind of addiction. Unfortunately, I’m about 6 years with this addiction. It’s only last year that I really started to fight it. I did not see myself as an addict, despite all the evidence.
Anyway, in the group that I did, via WhatsApp, there were men of various ages, teenagers and more mature men.
As I said, not everyone was really engaged. I think that for them, the group was a relaxation; they only talked about sex and sexual adventures. Gradually, the goal of encouragement and help in abstinence crises was lost.
In my experience, a psychologist is being needed. So I gave that idea. I could not get past 1 week without PMO.

Good morning.

Best to keep it simple and thats what brings any of us here Nofap helps you achieve the amazing power of not jacking off again, that’s enough for me, at least for starters. Thanks for the share.

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