Nofap is Awesome and Highly Effective

Hello warriors

I hope you all are still practicing nofap without any failure.

An amazing thing happened to me today. It is probably the best thing that happened to me because of the fact that I am on nofap.

I was feeling quite demotivated and low today(probably because of Dopamine fasting which happens during nofap). I struck a thought to visit some websites where I could find downloadable nude pic sets of various models. I know I am not supposed to do that, but it was an impulsive move. When I was on Yesfap I bookmarked those websites so that I could instantly access those. And obviously I deleted those from my browser since I started Nofap. But let me tell you I was so addicted to those websites that I saved them in my brain.

But the amazing thing that happened today was that when I opened the web browser and went on to type the name of those websites (first time after more than 2 weeks), I could not recall those from my memory. FUCKING AWESOME!!!. This was actually a proof that my brain has started rewiring itself and has deleted those websites from my memory. So I was rendered helpless and could not visit those websites. Hence I was saved from exposure to those explicit images of models and this feeling that nofap is actually helping me to rewire my brain gave me a lot of satisfaction and confidence to maintain my nofap mission.

Guys believe me this is absolutely true! I want to just say to you that be so focussed with your nofap because it literally has the ability to tranform your mind and your body and ultimately cause you to become the best version of yourself.

Do not lose faith in nofap. It is the real thing that can make you achieve your goals in life. I also believe in the same would preach it till I die.

All the best for all of your nofap journeys.
Stay Strong!


Great brother!
There’ll be many surprises in your noFap way. Many small victories to keep you motivated.
Happens to me all the time and I am really grateful for them and for an amazing community with which I can share these victories :blue_heart: