Nofap Goals: averages

It’s hard to go cold turkey: so here are my goals. (Currently on a 5 day streak) (average at 4 days)

  1. Beat temptation. (Every 12 hours)
  2. Overcome a day (Every day)
  3. Get to half my average (currently 2 days)
  4. Get to my average (currently 4 days)
  5. Get past a week (2 more days)
  6. Double my average (8 days) (3 more days)
  7. Beat my record (11 days)
  8. Go longer then a month
  9. Accomplish no fap (average of +30days)
  10. Go for a whole year

That means even if I stuff up now at 5 days. I’ve completed goal 1. 10 times goal 2, 5 times, goal 3, goal 4. So no matter what happens I’m going to feel accomplished!


Very smart breaking it down like this, much more realistic then people who think they can go from a 3 day average to 90 days every single attempt. Good luck, I believe with all my heart that so long as you don’t quit you will one day be free from P.

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