Nofap food habits


Well, Im on 1 day streak. My highest streak is 60 days hard monk mode , but that was 2 years back… My age is 17 , gender Male, indian

Well, i want advice regarding food habits,
1.which food should be avoided specially and are harmful in Nofap journey, and
2. which food can help me recover fast
3. What are satvik food. I heard that they are recommended in nofap recovery process

Please recommend everything INDIAN

Who are eligible to answer?
Anyone who has proper systematic knowledge regarding the topic ( preference to indian , but others can answer as well, NO RESTRICTION )



If you wouldnt have said so… i would not have commented here because i dont give advices unless i am asked or called for …

My personal opinions

  1. No food is harmful in NoFap unless it is spoiled. You have to make yourself strong enough to beat any urges.

  2. There is no such superfood which can make your recovery fast. Take balanced diet and have some patience.

  3. Satvik foods … This term is from ayurveda and it has a spiritual funda… Read about it on google if you beleive in it. Personaly i dont complicate food and i eat a vegetarian diet including Tamsic foods like garlic, onion etc.

It takes 64 days for the body to replenish sperm supply. However body is ready to provide fresh sperms everyday at any cost. [ This is a science fact ]

From above … you can have some estimate for some of your nofap recovery. However … i personaly beleive Recovery depands upon frequency of the relapses,the history of fap addiction & age of an individual.

Food = Energy

My personal opinion : Eat vegetarian food. Take ghee, milk to rejuvenate body. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid eating junk food. Take light meal in dinner.

Reference :

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Thank you very much .

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