NOFAP DAY 30 Atlast

Hi guys I want you to know that I have reached my goal of 30 days , It has been hard though , not that much urges but the waiting , oh God it was terrible
I want you guys to know that I managed all this with prayer , it helped keep me calm .
Although my previous treak was 33 days , Insha Allah (God willing) I will go to 60 days NOFAP and then 90 days then 120 days nofap , I wish you all best of luck
Do not lower your gaurd down because the urges will streak at the weakest points in your armour
Wish me luck , and have a good day :slight_smile:


Good Luck , my best wishes are with you. If at some point in your life lust overtakes your mind completly and you start walking towards bathroom to masturbate, Remember me that time, decide that time if you wanna lose not only to yourself but also to me.
Insa allah…

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Its good to hear that. Im also close to 30 days first time in my life. Hope for best.


I will keep that in mind


Congratulations bro!!

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Thank you may we be blessed to continue it onwards

Share your code. Am on Day 5 79b786 :slightly_smiling_face:

My code is 2b6eb1 I have added you