NoFap? Challenge or A Revolutionary Lifestyle


Alright Guys Comment below what is NoFap to you? How you see NoFap?? " Challenge/Lifestyle " please provide the reason why you see it as C/L that really means to you.

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:facepunch:Now its a Challenge for me​:laughing:
Because i had been addicted for 12 years and its my 2nd year of nofap.
☆ and i want to make it my lifestyle😄


:joy: you are on 2nd year of NoFap :muscle: That means you already made it your lifestyle.


It could become a lifestyle unless you relapse.


I don’t know if I wanna call it a lifestyle. It somehow sounds as if I just think it would be cool if I do it.
Like you say to friends “hey I’m vegan now”.

But this detail aside: For me it is the only option to live.
Currently it is a little bit of both. I work hard to change my life. i don’t wanna think everyday “Damn what can I do today to not watch porn”. I wanna focus my whole life on my goals. So, I don’t wanna have a NoFAP lifestyle i wanna have one where I forget that porn even exists.

But changing my current life feels a lot like a challenge.

30% Challenge
70% ForgetFap lifestyle

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