Nofap challenge accepted

Myself Akhil…I have started nofap challenge from 26 September…keep me motivated…help me like a family member to overcome this addiction…


Come on brother
I too joined yesterday
Lets do this together
My current streak is 19hrs 57mins.
Yesterday i made one day challenge and i will achieve it.
Next is 1 week challenge. In sha Allah.
Lets support each other

My code : l6ankk


I’m down brother- I’ve had a 30day streak in the past. I’m now on day 1

Here is my code


Comon now dont get depressed because u failed to maintain your no relapse streak

Now is your real test
Dont let that down u or the relapse may happen more than before
Iam telling this because even before joining this community i made commitments that iam gonna follow this and this plan and i will never ever relapse again. And then something happens which i cant even describe, it is as if iam relapsing on purpose, well thats due to heavy relapse for years it has got a hold of me that i relapse as if it is part of my life.
Now if youve relapsed after 30 days dont let that make your 30 day effort go to waste now move on and keep on following the plan and in that time try to remember why did u relapse and try to make any plan for that.

I may be saying u to do this and that but ive failed to maintain even 7day streak for the past 4months. As far as i can remember for years my highest streak is 14days. And iam so ashamed of myself. But now it is different, iam not going to let that down me and relapse like there is no hope.

Thanks for taking your time and reading what i had to say

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Let’s keep helping each other, brothers

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Dont give up

Try to avaid overthinking, that is what leads to all this.

Try to think in the present and focus on your goals.

My code: l6ankk

Day 5! Not sure how to give my code but it’s getting harder. I’m getting a lot of thoughts in my head

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