NoFap and memory loss

Please share your experiences with how PMO ruined your short term memory and how did you recover it.
Thank you.

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I noticed this as well, and here’s the way I see it:

Why do we remember things? Because we think they could be important. Information that is of value or seems to be gets remembered while other information gets ignored by the brain.
I remember the way a piece on the piano sounded, but I don’t remember if the keys were dirty.
I remember the menu of my favourite restaurant, but not the paintings on the wall (for example. Others might):

For me, one of the main problems of porn is that it shifts my attention. Which makes me not remember the menu of the restaurant, but if there were any hot waitresses or guests. Which makes me forget the sound of a piano piece the way I would, because I was distracted while playing, fantasizing.

When I stop watching porn, I start spending my attention in a different way, and because of that I am now able to remember the order of 20 guests without the need of a notepad (working in a restaurant). Before I was hardly able to remember 4 dishes before getting back to the bar.

Same in other matters. My brain was just like: why should I remember this or that, when all I need to be satisfied in the evening is a good clip and a 5 minute wank?

This, for me, happens over time and as a side effect of actively pursuing other things in life :slight_smile:


I loved your way of seeing things. Can totally relate with it.