NoFap and emptiness

Does NoFap cause emptiness?

I am feeling empty in my soul.

I feel like nothing matters right now.

I know its the relapse doing this but I see no purpose in my own life.

I try to offer encouragement and even at times I question my value.

I know my value is high and yet no emploer agrees.

I feel like my career is the only purpose.

I have no friends in person.

There are online friends and people here in the app but I need interaction with someone who isn’t my Dad or my Mom.


Our brain fucks us up super badly
And it will give u false illusion that porn and mastrubation will make u feel better or conplete or other nonsense
But its wrong
Infact being addicted to them took away lots of hours from ur life where u could have gone out and explore
Donot fall to the trap of ur brain
This emptiness will pass with time
Stay strong…


It’s hard at first, but later it will be better. You should avoid porn as long as possible.
I struggle with this too
Keep strong :muscle:t3:

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I’m sorry I’ll have to disagree with everyone who says porn addition alone caused this. There is something deeper involved here. Bro telling from experience, this kind of thoughts happen to everyone at one point of their life. No one is happy forever. There will be times when you feel worthless or empty or purposeless. I really do believe that lack of friends aka, loneliness is a bigger issue here than porn addiction.

I really do encourage you to make friends in real life besides online frienda. Having real life interactions with your friends, spending time together and having fun will dramatically improve the quality of your life. It will bring so much more happiness into your life and your life’s purpose should be to live happily.

Sure nofap is a good step to a better life. But without friends you are just a guy who is really good at nofap but without friends. It’s still lonely and sad.

As far as purpose and passion is concerned, I’m sure there is something you love doing. I’m not talking about work or a particular job. This thing could be anything say cooking or gardening or playing a sport. Just add that into your life besides your work or if you are smart enough make your passion your work. You will be way more happier

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