Nocturnal eating syndrome and Sleep-related eating disorder

Hello all.

Does anybody here suffer from:

  • Nocturnal eating syndrome (NES)
  • Sleep-related eating disorder (SRED)

And if somone does, how do you cope with that? I know it is just simple urge, or I feel like it is, but I am half sleepy at night and dont have much power or am awake enough to fight it.

Many thanks.

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This syndrome is a side effect of a main problem.
Work on the root, gather will power, energy & conciouseness to eliminate all syndromes which are hijacking your life.

When i was fapping a lot, i used to remain hungry and at night after pmo, i had made a habit of eating fast food.
Now, i know when to eat, how much & which food is best for me. This knowledge comes automaticaly, i didnt goggle it. My body knows it, it was i who didnt listen & was lost in seeking dopamine outside.

Start from a discipline, any discipline, maybe nofap, excercise routine etc. Slowly, slowly things will start to fall in order.
Good luck.

Can you explain NES , I think ican help

IDK @_Motivation .

I am working out for almost 2 years, nofap for almost a year, with s*itton of relapses, but last 2 streaks were pretty good, until them it was like 4-5 days on average. I tried regular eating (3 times a day), now I am on intermitent fasting and keto and still no change. I am meditating, reading, not watching lot of series or movies as I used to. Due to my work I am a lot on PC, but apart from that I am trying to eliminate it. Doing my hobbies and trying socialize a lot (covit make it almost impossible). I am not that stressfull as I used to be, I am more relaxed and this is still there.

I know it is psychological problem, so I need to find a rootcause, but so far I developed a lot for last lets say year and I cant see any changes in this field.

Now coz of lockdown I am in parents house but if I am in rented flat, then I dont eat that much as I dont keep anything in fridge, but this is not best solution.

For me it is not eating before bed, during day I am concious enough, but when I wake up during night I have strong cravings for eating something. I remember it, but as I am half awake and half sleepy I am not strong enough to fight that urges or cravings. I just say to myself “ah what the hell” I am not enough concious.

IDK if you know what I mean.

There is difference between NED and SRED. In NED you are aware of that you eat during last night wake ups, in SRED you are not even aware of that as far as I know. NED is basically eating during your “sleeping breaks” . So e.g. you awake at 2AM and you have strong cravings to eat something. For me it is problem as I am trying to lose wight and it mess up with intermitent fasting. NED is not eating before going to bed, someone calls it that, but what I know it is not. Eating before bed is NES - Night Eating Syndrome. It is eating during night, when you wake up randomly or wake up to go to pee.

There is more on internet, but this is explanation in nutshell.

Work on this alone.
Every syndrome & shit will fall in order.
Just master this nofap.

Your body has developed a circle of routine/addiction because it is on auto pilot.
Take the steering of your body in your power.

Start meditation before sleep.

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Well I guessed right !
I was suffering this in past ! But now iam in well good condition !!
Message me I will tell you how to get rid of it !!
Iam a medical student

Yeah, I guess you are right there.

As Sherlock Holmes said “One impossible problem at the time” :smiley:.

I am already doing it for almost 3 months and I can see benefits. Wel I saw them after two weeks so I am not planing to stop that :slight_smile:

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