No touching orgasm does it count as relapse please help

Today I experienced something really bizarre. After I took my shower my dick was very sensitive and when I sat on my couch I started to do my kegels. If your not familiar with kegels when you are doing them your dick raises up and down. When I was doing this I started to feel that orgasmic sensation and then I cummed. I was wondering if this still counts as a relapse. I would also like to know your guys opinions on if hands free orgasming still counts that way I can avoid situations like this later on during my journey.


Yes it’s a relapse according to me, there are so many ways you can cum without using your hands and that doesn’t mean you do them and don’t count it as a relapse. Essentially, you ejaculated out your semen, when you are awake, that is you are conscious, and the reason why night fall is not considered as a relapse is because you were not conscious about night fall. I hope you got my point.

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Hey buddy, welcome to the forum and the journey.

I do have a couple of questions to consider it as a relapse or not.
#Dude, what day are you on currently?
#Are you practicing semen retention or PMO?
If you’re on semen retention, which most athletes do, this does consider a relapse. But if you’re doing PMO, it wouldn’t be treated as a relapse, given the fact that you were not edging, or not thinking anything arousal.
#Were you stimulating anything similar to when you watch Porn and masturbate.

If it was just an accident and you were not edging or stimulating, it’s not a relapse. But given the fact that you could stop but didn’t and continued to finish, it is for sure a relapse.